MIS 2101.001 – Adam Alalouf – Fall 2015

Who is Elon Musk?

“Elon Musk: The World’s Raddest Man” By Tim Urban, Wait But Why

Read the article and be prepared to discuss some of the topics in class. Come up with a brief yet substantive comment about this article and post it as a comment to this post. You may choose one of the many topics discussed to comment on, share a strong quote from the article, or post your reaction to the reading.

77 Responses to Who is Elon Musk?

  • I’ve always heard of Elon Musk but I never quite knew what he has done and continues to do for this country. He is the man that will revolutionize this country, not through politics or serving in our armed forces but by changing the way we live. It is unbelievable how one man can have an impact in so many different industries. They often compared him to the likes of Henry Ford and John D. Rockefeller but I really think even they don’t stand in line with Elon Musk. Those men changed one industry while Mr. Musk is able to transform many different ones. If Mr. Musk is able to achieve what he has set out to do then he will be the most influential man in history. While politicians are talking about how we have to make changes in order to be able to continue the human race, Musk is the only one setting out to actually do it. I agree that in many ways Elon Musk represents the character of Tony Stark because he will be the man that will save the human race from extinction.

  • I have always heard of Elon Musk but I never knew what he has actually done and continues to do for our country. He is the man that will be looked to as a hero, not because of politics or serving in the armed forces, but because he will revolutionize the human race. In the article they often compared him to the like of Henry Ford and John D. Rockefeller but even they don’t stand in line with Elon Musk. Those men were able to change one industry, while Musk is transforming many different industries. We often hear from politicians that we have to change the way we live in order to continue the human race, but Mr. Musk is the only person setting out to actually do it. His business ventures are more than just great stock options but they are companies that actually change the way we live. I agree that he resembles the character of Tony Stark because he is the only man that will be the hero of the human race.

  • The article displayed how he was pretty realistically portrayed in The Simpsons, in the sense that he is constantly thinking and being inspired by anything around him. He seems like he would be an incredible person to have even a five minute conversation with. I love how he wants the world to think bigger and faster. I think some people are stuck in the past or even the present, and have trouble moving into the future. As for Elon Musk, he is always thinking about the future. Elon Musk is an admirable entrepreneur, especially for college students who are just deciding what we want to do.

  • Elon Musk’s success seems to be irresistible, and even watching his meteoric rise as a business leader is both exhilarating and exhausting. Framing the work that Tesla Motors and SpaceX are doing as planet-saving measures, he is able to wring ingenuity and effort from his companies that put other CEO’s to shame. Trading the traditional opulence that his success affords him for grueling hours managing and motivating his staff gives him almost Messianic status in the monotony that is twenty-first century business leadership. Tesla motors has already achieved so many of it’s deadlines, that the rise of the EV seems almost inevitable, and likewise the affordable, reusable spacecraft. If Musk does succeed in producing as many Tesla cars as he predicts he will, then perhaps a $500,000 ticket to visit the planet Mars is plausible as well.

  • Honestly, I’ve never heard of Elon Musk let alone knew who he was. However, to find out that he was the guy behind Paypal and also the person behind so many innovative advances really blew my mind. It’s not everyday that you hear a person like him let alone meet a person like him. Unlike your average person, he’s the one that is thinking years beyond where we are now and still be down to earth is truly remarkable. In the article, something that really caught my attention was his interaction with the blogger/interviewer; in the beginning, it’s just awkward silence but then he goes into how Elon Musk starts off talking about his thoughts and innovations and it just continues to build from there all while he’s inhaling a burger nonchalantly. Musk is truly a genius beyond normal understand like a rare diamond that is scarce in this world.

  • Elon Musk is amongst a group of people, such as Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, etc, that have been giving the opportunity to change society and have done so successfully. Musk was able to address the needs and wants of consumers with his invention of Paypal, Tesla automobile, and his space exploration. It has always been a curiosity of mine to figure out what these people were or are like. it is plausible that people within this category must think differently or have different outlooks from most people involved in society. One of the topics discussed in the article that surprised me was Elon’s slightly different perspective from the authors about the nature of consciousness. The author contributes to the debate by explaining how he believes consciousness, as humans, is different from other species since our experiences form them. He explains how humans have more consciousness than apes. However, Elon doesn’t totally agree with the concept. …”believing that humans are weak computers and that something smarter than humans would just be a stronger computer, not something so beyond us we couldn’t even fathom its existence.” In addition, another interesting concept Elon discussed was genetic reprogramming. He describes how the “whole system” shuts down and the only way to combat this would to replace every cell in the body or through genetic programming. Something like this doesn’t exist today but could be a possibility from either Musk himself or another inventor similar to him. Elon Musk has shown himself to be a humble man that would only want to benefit and progress society through technology.

  • Before reading this article I had no knowledge of Elon Musk. I’ve heard his name before and seen it in articles I’ve read but really didn’t know a single thing about him or his work. After learning about him it’s clear to me what kind of person he is, and honestly now I’ve became a fan of him just from this article alone. He’s someone that has already done so much for this world with his work. Elon Musk is transforming this world and really wants to leave an impact on this planet. His futuristic mind is going to change the lives of humans, and hopefully more followers like him could join this movement. Tesla automobile and his space exploration with SpaceX will probably become bigger as the years go by as technology improves. People like Musk are the ones that will shape the future; learning about him has gotten me interested in his type of work now.

  • Elon Musk. A man so outstanding, so fresh, and so innovative that it almost seems like he is from a different planet (contrary to what he thinks about extraterrestrial life). Alien-like tendencies aside, Musk is just a person like everyone else, he just happens to be revolutionizing the way humans live. Musk is injecting life into stagnant industries, like the automotive and space exploration industries, that were once thought to be unchangeable. Like Tim Urban states, Musk has completely ignored the set of rules that corporate America normally follows. He plunges into his own pockets time after time to help fund his businesses that, at times, were on the brink of Chapter 11. To him, it isn’t about the money, it’s about the human race, race being the keyword. Elon believes that we as humans are slowly killing ourselves, creating problems that hold no solutions in the distant future. He is dedicating his life to better society, an action to me worthy of a Nobel Prize. At the end of the day, Musk doesn’t owe society a god damned thing. He could take his billions and retire in the Bahamas…hell, he could probably buy the Bahamas! After reading this article, I feel inspired to become a man similar to Musk; a Man of the Millennium if one will. He ignites a flame in my brain that burns only for perfection. Take a bow, Mr. Musk. Take a bow.

  • It is the first time I heard about Musk, but I was surprised by his expectation to human future. The exploration and development of internet does make our life more convenient and advanced. He did what he want to do, what human need, and what he can do to change the world a better place. Not just Internet Industry, in other industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Solar Energy, Energy Storage, Satellite, High-Speed Ground Transportation, and, um, Multi-Planetary Expansion, he also involved. He seemed like the “real God” that you can see,and he knows what is better to you!

  • This is my first time hearing of Elon Musk. I have heard of all his inventions including Paypal and Tesla, but never knew the genius behind all these inventions. I didn’t know he was such a genius and learned mostly everything his has ever known from reading books and self-learning. I would love to be the man in this article having this interview with Elon. The intelligence I would gain from 5 minutes of talking with this man is probably far greater then a couple hours in a university classroom. He has a lot of interesting views that I would love to here his genius on, including space, mars, human life, global conservation, and more. I thought it was also interesting how he viewed humans as computers, even as low intelligence computers. It is a weird, but interesting view to look at life as.

  • This s the first time I had heard of Elon Musk and I found the article very interesting. He is a man that had dreams for business that everyone else laughed at. He was just one person that wanted to do so much. He wanted to launch rockets into space, create cars, make an internet based banking system. This is a lot for one person to do on his own, but he managed to do it. I thought it was interesting how employees responded to him. You usually hear workers of a boss who makes them work 80 hours a week complain, complain, complain, then quit. That was not the case with Elon Musk’s employees. They admire him and don’t mind the long work weeks because he himself work 100 hours a week and puts in the time and energy to be a great leader. The second part in this article that really interested and shocked me was the fact that al his companies were able to succeed. At one point tesla and space-x were about to fail, but only because no one would invest the funds. But, as soon as someone did give in to investing in Tesla Motors, and NASA gave Musk a final rocket launch, he was set and took off running with those companies. Elon musk is a man to look up to and definitely someone to fear as a fierce competitors and leader in his respective industries.

  • It is crazy to think that even in the beginning of his college career he was studying sustainable energy, which is one of his main focuses still today. He had a drive to follow through with that idea and is still working toward that goal continuously. Finding that passion is hard to do.

  • Elon Musk is an innovative genius who managed to grace the world with his innovation and insight. He started from the bottom of the economic scale and rose to the highest heights of society. As a kid growing in South Africa, he demonstrated his brilliance from an early age by absorbing the Encyclopedia Britannica. Musk had a love, passion and innate ability for computers and their use for the betterment of society. His devotion to his companies and the visions that he had for the world were unmatched. Even when he faced adversity and negativity he strove to save his vision. By devoting both his time and finances into Tesla and Space X, he managed to surpass the boundaries of technology. Musk managed to touch on all major areas of Automotive “Aerospace, Solar Energy, Energy Storage, Satellite, High-Speed Ground, Transportation, and Multi-Planetary Expansion.” So I guess my question is why do more people know about the debauchery of Brittany Spears rather then the brilliance of Elon Musk?

  • In today’s society it is nearly impossible to not know what Pay Pal or Tesla is. Both companies have one thing in common, and it is the impact of Elon Musk. The “real- life iron man” as they like to call him has been impacting the technology world since the age of 12. From then on Musk has not stopped changing the world and inspiring those around him. Being his own biggest believer has helped him get to where he is today. With multiple failures, he continues to improve his visions and does not stop until they are successful. Although Musk is very modest, it is a shame that his name is not as popular as it should be.

  • While Elon Musk’s genius ideas and innovative thinking are amazing, what is even more incredible is his work ethic and perseverance. While Musk pushes his employees to their limits and a good amount work 80 hour weeks, he makes sure he is the hardest working employee at his company and works 100 hour weeks. When even when Musk was at the brink of failure (Space X launches failing consistently, could not find more investors for Tesla, etc.), Musk never gave up. It is this sort of will power that is admirable in any sort of person, especially in entrepreneurs.

    I have to disagree with the statement that Elon Musk does not care about money. Sure, he is only paid $1 in salary per year, but it’s more important to look at the stock he owns in his company’s. There is no need to take salary when you own the kind of stock that Elon Musk does. He owns 35,001,294 shares of TSLA, which at today’s market price equates to $8,575,317,030. If Musk’s business does well and stock price rises, Musk benefits financially. It is naive to say he does not care about money. He owns about 1/3 of a publicly traded company.

  • Before reading the article, I had no idea who Elon Musk was. I know all about Paypal, Tesla, and Space X, but I was astonished to find that one man was behind it all. What I found most interesting about Musk was that by the age of 12, he was able to create a video game that was good enough to be sold. I find Musk inspiring, not only because of his multiple innovations, but because of his dedication. He never gave up, after failures early on in his career, he was able to bounce right back on his feet. This dedication is demonstrated in his 100 hour work weeks, and especially through his Space X project. Space X had 3 failed launches and yet he still poured time and money into it, until it finally succeeded, and I think that in itself is admirable.

  • I thought the article was a real eye opener on how to be successful. I loved the fact that Elon Musk dropped out of Stanford’s PhD program to go and discover all the interesting opportunities of the internet. This showed how much confidence he had in himself to drop his studies and go chase his dreams. I was also impressed by Elon Musk’s work ethic. I know for a fact that I probably wouldn’t be working 100 hours a week if I had a couple billion in my back pocket. This again demonstrates the type of person Elon Musk is and how he is never satisfied, he is always looking for the next big opportunity to hit the market. The last idea I would like to point out about Elon Musk is he is not scared about putting all his money into one project in order for it to pay off. Musk is fearless in the fact that he doesn’t care about the money aspect, he cares more about helping society discover the next big idea.-John Heller

  • I have always used Paypal when I purchase online merchandise and never knew who came up with the idea of it. In the society we live in today, I’ve noticed many inventions that have surpassed the expectations of many people, for instance when I first came across the tesla I was wondering to myself this car must be similar to the Toyota Prius, due to the fact that they are vehicles that are not dependent on gasoline. I’ve always wondered who the innovator behind all of these extraordinary ideas and inventions is. While just discovering that Elon Musk was great innovator behind these ideas, I have to give him credit for having the point of view and intellengence that he carries to help society become a better place environmentally and economically. The way he works is that when he comes up with an idea, he will completely put everything he has into that idea.

  • One quote while I was reading stuck out to me. “One thing you’ll learn about Musk as you read these posts is that he thinks of humans as computers, which, in their most literal sense, they are. A human’s hardware is his physical body and brain.” This quote helps show how Musk thinks of everything as a computing machine, even humans.

  • Before reading this article, I only knew that Elon Musk was the CEO of Tesla. To read about his projects and successes in multiple industries is extremely impressive and I cannot think of a more ambitious and brilliant entrepreneur of our day. Something I found interesting was the question Elon asked himself while he was a student at the University of Pennsylvania. Elon asked himself, “what will most affect the future of humanity?” Answering this question was Elon’s starting point to deciding what he wanted to do with his life. His list included, “the internet; sustainable energy; space exploration, in particular the permanent extension of life beyond Earth; artificial intelligence; and reprogramming the human genetic code.” To see Elon succeed and thrive in many of the industries his original list comprised of is inspiring.

  • I thought this article was a huge eye opener. It was incredible to see that Elon Musk created a video game at the age of 12. He truly shows that in order to succeed, you must never give up. The fact that he has so many companies running simultaneously is a true indication that you can achieve so much if you just put fourth the effort. I am grateful for a man like Musk, because he is changing the world for the better and in such a modest way. His intelligence and dedication is something I admire.

  • This article definitely gave me a look into the life of someone I never really recognized until now. It is incredible to see that Elon Musk was developing video games by the age of twelve. It’s weird that i never knew that he was the person to first create PayPal, which at the time was revolutionary and completed opened up the e-market. It is also extremely impressive to see that he has mastered a diverse amount of industries. His electric luxury car company, Tesla, continues to soar through the market. This is a man who takes on almost 100 hours of work in a single week. It has even been said that he is the real life Iron Man. Over the weekend, I was browsing through Market Watch when i saw an article about Elon Musk’s take on “Robocalypse” and the dangers of future innovations in technology. It said in that article that he was currently working to have laws passed that will ban the manufacturing of weapons on intelligent systems. He is brilliant, innovative, honest, and possibly the best entrepreneur of our time.

  • Elon Musk is a fascinating person who is on the front lines of technological advancement, and is truly a great marvel of our time. The man was a born prodigy understanding how computers worked to the reality of being a Tony Stark and building his own computer system. I like how despite the challenges and overwhelming odds he pushes for more. It is incredible that as he revolutionizes one industry he then is able to add to that industry. How instead of perfecting paypal and resting on that he chose to take that money and push for space. Then when space was not enough for him he went electric car and now has a solar city. I agree with Elon Musk that we need to push into space to prepare the earth for the next century. Yet I disagree with Elon Musk. I disagree with people being labeled as computers. I feel like Elon Musk only is able to push for these incredible ventures is because there is no one to oppose him. He enters markets and spreads himself thin, so thin that the spacex company almost failed. Someone could easily spend a couple their fortune to hurt Elon Musk’s push. I feel Elon Musk may be a beloved entrepreneur, but everyone has a rival. A competitor or rival is what Elon Musk should fear not the rise of artificial intelligence. A genius for a time period, but only time will tell what he will become.

  • Before this class, I have never heard of Elon Musk. Now after reading this article about him, I think he is one of the most innovative, straightforward people of our time. The thing that struck me most wasn’t about his inventions or drive to be successful, it was from his upbringing and how he didn’t let that deter him from becoming the phenom he is today. He didn’t have the best childhood growing up in South Africa. He had a tough family and didn’t have many friends in school which allowed him a lot of free time for reading and learning on his own, which I’m sure he attributes to where he is now. His accomplishments during his youth are also what struck me the most. From programming a computer at age 9 to creating a video game at age 12, it was clear that Musk was destined for greatness. I believe the reason why Musk isn’t talked about with the names like Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell is because Musk prefers to keep a low profile and enjoys creating products that are used for ‘behind the scenes’ instead of a telephone or electricity.

  • I found this article to be extremely interesting and made me understand more of who Elon Musk was and the huge impact he has made and is still making. Before reading this article I knew of Tesla and Paypal but I was unaware of the fact the Elon was behind SpaceX as well. In the beginning of the article it was amazing to see all bullet list of all the different industries that Elon is involved in, it almost seems impossible that one person can have so much knowledge in so make different complex areas. Also I found it interesting that Elon did not grow up in the best environment and basically was able to create himself and work his way to becoming a billionaire. I also find it interesting that this article goes in so much depth about how Elon almost lost everything and was days away to having to sleep on someones couch because he has all of his money invested in SpaceX and Tesla. This shows that Elon is such a driven person and does not give up on any of his ideas, it makes me understand why Elon is so hard on his workers with the working 80 hour weeks. The fact that Elon does not even really care for the money and works 100 hours a week is remarkable as well and shows that he is really devoted to his work and it is something that he is extremely passionate about. Getting down to the end of this article, I enjoyed the few pictures that we shown of the Tesla factory and all the hard work that goes into Elons business. It makes perfect sense comparing Elon to people like Steve Jobs and Henry Ford, I feel as though he can even be put into his own category with the amount he has accomplished.

  • Elon Musk is an innovative and creative entrepreneur who creates many things that revolutionize the world. He created many things including PayPal and in other industries such as automotive, solar system and aerospace etc. It is surprising that he could do all of these things by self-learning and reading science books. At the age of 12, he could create a game and made money by himself.

    He has a strong determination. For example, when he convinced businesses to advertise on the internet, no one believed him and laughed at him. However, he didn’t give up. He tried to work excessively at the office and didn’t care if he had money to make his business runs. His story inspired us to go after our dream and believe that everything is possible. It also advises us that reading books is critical for our self-improvement.

  • As most people today I had a basic understanding of Ellon Musk and his success in innovation and entrepreneurship. What I didn’t know is the work he put forth to get there, how humble, hardworking, and simply how interesting of a man Ellon was. The first shock to me was how much he himself worked with his employees. It seems to me that most people that reach the success Ellon has had they usually are happy with staying with their one successful venture while handing over the work to others. Ellon on the other hand remained to be the hardest worker in his business working a 100 hours a week while continuing to expand himself into other fields which seemingly all looked to better the human society around us. His drive for success and a better future for all a humanity is selfless and inspiring to all i believe. I look forward to see what more is to come from Ellon and his ever expanding fields and various projects.

  • The post was long but worth my time. I couldn’t believe someone like Elon Musk exists in this world. Honestly, I’ve never heard of his name before but surprised to read on how amazing and humble he is. He is not like most humans that will choose money over everything. I believe he desires satisfaction and contribution and those things will make him happy more than money. He is not feared of trying new fields. From the incredible Paypal up to the rockets, he is a brave entrepreneur who trusts his own dreams and work hard to make it possible. He could be a great motivation for people. He proved that knowledge could make impossible thing possible.

  • Before reading this, I had a basic understanding of who Elon Musk was and his successes with Tesla and SpaceX. After reading this article, I gained a lot more respect and admiration for Mr. Musk. Elon Musk represents the American Dream in that he came from South Africa with a dream to become a successful entrepreneur and he accomplished just that by immigrating first to Canada, and then the United States where he attended Ivy League schools. Mr. Musk was a childhood prodigy and I was amazed how he developed a video game at age 12. The thing that separates Mr. Musk from 99.9% of the world is that the man has vision. He keeps embarks on projects most people would think impossible and turn it into a success. Elon does not just want to this short term improvement on earth, but he wants to change the world so that it impacts the future of mankind. Not only is he the real life inspiration for Iron Man’s Tony Stark, he is more hardworking, more selfless, and more determined man than Tony Stark ever was. The world can look back 100 years from now, but not without recognizing Elon Musk.

  • Elon Musk’s determination and vision are truly remarkable, dropping or leaving school to immerse himself in the technology so that he could be apart of the growth. More important willing to sink all of his money into his projects, knowing he may not even be able to see the time and effort become something great, such as his SpaceX company, that was ultimately successful luckily. It is quite immaculate to have that confidence or possibly just bravado during those difficult times.

  • Before reading this article I completed a project in High School on Elon Musk and I wish I had it then because this article opened up my mind to how many different types of ventures he has invested in. as well as his background. In this article I was introduced to his other venture PayPal, which I never really knew he invented. The article also opened up my mind to how he is as a person. What I found odd about him is his view on humans. He views humans as computers, and explained that humans when learning, are just “downloading data and algorithms in their brain”. I found this fascinating and after a minute of deep thinking, I agreed with him. Humans receive data and process it and choose to either store it, or delete it. I was also impressed with Tim Urban. He held nothing back in the article. He revealed how he felt, and even depicted it, when he received the phone call from the Musk Rep. I also like how he explained the sit down with Elon and how he prepared himself. Urban researched before the interview and had questions prepared for Musk when he got there. I appreciate this article because it gives people insight on a man who is up there with some of the greatest minds of the 20th and 21st Century. Urban was one of the lucky few to have the opportunity to have a personal sit down with Musk and tour the facilities which are developing the future of transportation, solar energy, and energy storage.

  • Before this class I had no idea who Elon Musk was. It’s amazing to hear about all of his different experiences brought upon by his own creativity and self-taught knowledge. The quote the stuck out to me the most while reading this article was: “One thing you’ll learn about Musk as you read these posts is that he thinks of humans as computers, which, in their most literal sense, they are. A human’s hardware is his physical body and brain. His software is the way he learns to think, his value system, his habits, his personality. And learning, for Musk, is simply the process of “downloading data and algorithms into your brain.”” It’s incredible how simply he thinks of the process of learning, yet how in depth he’s gone to teach himself so much, and seemingly without any issues. His lack of care for money also stuck out to me. It’s rare to find people who genuinely care about humanity and not just a big check. Overall this was a great article.

  • I have heard of the name Elon Musk but never knew what he was known for before this article. I found his story to be much more interesting than your typical entrepreneur because of all his dedication and the extremely, risky chances he took. However, for someone who created his own video game at the age of twelve, you could tell he will be involved in big things. From PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, and more, its amazing how he accomplished so much by the age of forty-four. What was really inspiring for me while reading the article was Musk’s dedication, devotion, and perseverance throughout all his ventures. I can tell that Musk was a selfless man because he invested his own money in funding his businesses despite all the financial risks, which also shows he is passionate in what he puts his mind to. Even though his companies, SpaceX and Tesla, had rough beginnings, Musk did not give up and in the end came out successful in all his undertakings. I definitely gained respect for Elon Musk for all his accomplishments and achievements.

  • This article was long but definitely worth to read. I’ve heard of Elon Musk as just one of entrepreneur. But after reading this article, I realized he is more than “just entrepreneur” or investor. At the age of 12, he already self-taught how to code program and used that skill to create video game when his peers just played then. The way of him viewing humans are interesting. He sees humans as computers, we are “downloading data and algorithms in” our brain when we are learning. I was amazed by his creativity and knowledge in EVERYTHING he invested in. While most people dreams about things, he makes come true. I’m excited to see what he can bring to the world in the future.

  • Honestly, I’ve never heard of Elon Musk before attending this class. However, I am familiar with the things that Musk has contributed to the community such as Paypal, SpaceX and Tesla. After reading the article, I realized that it is a shame for me to not know earlier of the existence of the man who are responsible for creating so many great things in life. Elon Musk is not just a successful entreprenuer, but he is also an inventor, innovator, risk-taker and so much more. It is really amazing to see how so many extremely good qualities are invested in the body of one man. Elon Musk is clearly a selfless person as he invested a lot of his money towards achieving what he really believes in although with no guarantee of success. He is passionately dedicated to his work which is an important trait that we college students should have. Elon Musk is definitely a figure, an icon that everybody should be aware of.

  • I had never heard of Elon Musk prior to reading this article. I was familiar with Paypal and Tesla, but have never heard of SpaceX. The part that I find most interesting about him is that his initial mindset was not to make money, but to try to make the world a better place. He made a list of what he thought would be most beneficial to the world and those ideas were the ones he sought to make happen. Elon is a great example of an entrepreneur and any business person can learn a great deal from him. I am a little ashamed of myself for never knowing about him before.

  • After watching the Simpsons episode on Elon Musk I was wondering if the cartoon exaggerated what he has done with his inventions. I was surprised when I this article explained Elon’s life and his contribution to society. It is a huge deal for someone to be involved in about seven different industries and be successful in all of them. I was surprised that during his early childhood he was already programming a computer. It was interesting that Elon Musk thinks of humans as computers. After the writer of the article explained the concept it started to make some sense of Elon’s personality. Something that stood out to be was how Elon Musk would stay dedicated to his projects but at the same time moved onto another project once it became successful. He went from Zip2 to X.com (PayPal). Then left the internet industry to work on Tesla, after that he created the company SolarCity . Once they did well he moved on to SpaceX. A huge factor to his success is how he manages problems and pictures the future of humanity. His ideas and actions should not be ignored.

  • People like Elon Musk are the rarest of them all. A man with such a unique way of thinking and living is truly an inspiration to everyone. He realized he was capable of an extreme level of thinking and instead of using that for his own personal gain, he decided to use his mind to better humanity. While most people dedicate their lives to taking care of their families and themselves, he found it more important to take care of humanity and its future. Two things that stood out to me about Elon Musk were how at one time he was trying to figure out a way for humans to leave earth and inhabit another planet, while also trying to figure out how to save the earth and make it last longer for us. The other thing that stood out to me was how he was not afraid to invest everything he had into his own ideas. That type of belief in oneself is amazing and without that he may not be the same Elon Musk he is today.

  • Elon Musk is quite the individual to say the least. Perhaps the most notable innovator of our generation, he is responsible for the first online transaction system, electric vehicles, and he is now leading in pursuit of advance space travel. One thing I had never known about Elon is that several of his very successful endeavors were not successful initially. It is interesting to find that one of the most successful and innovative individuals to ever walk this earth had actually failed at first. Elon Musk inspires drive and determination into all of us as he shows us that persistence and believing in yourself ultimately lead to success.

  • It is amazing how much success one person can have in so many extraordinary fields. Whether it be in the field of space travel, sustainable energy, or the internet, Elon Musk is a true genius with his innovations. This is a man who makes me excited to see what the future has in store.

  • Elon Musk is a very interesting individual. It was amazing to me that he will only want to have a conversation with someone only if they have something interesting to say to him. I had no idea he had created all these inventions other than pay pal and the tesla. He’s had such a success and even the people who work for him say he is difficult to work with but they all respect him. He is definitely one of the main inventors of our time.

  • I find it interesting to learn about different CEOs and Elon Musk did not dissapoint in that regards. He is a revolutionary thinker, and could possibly be the Einstein of our time. I’ve heard of companies like SpaceX and Tesla before but did not know that they were both created by Elon Musk. I’m amazed that he was willing to risk everything he made off of Paypal to start three companies all at the same time.

  • Considering how risky his ideas were, it’s hard to imagine that people still decided to invest in him. Luckily they did and it’s insane how he went from almost being broke to being a billionaire. Not to sound rude but I wonder if he has some kind of mental disorder. I feel as though most savants have some sort of disorder but causes them to excel at certain topics.

  • I think that Elon Musk is an exceptional person. He found his passion and he lived it. After reading the article, I wanted to find out a bit more about his personality. I like to get to know how successful people (by successful I mean people that pursue there dreams and make them reality) behave. He seems to be fun, thrilling, and passionate. Pretty awesome.


    Tomi Jones

  • I have been using Paypal for at least 2 or 3 years, and have never thought about who came up with this idea, but now that i know it is Elon Musk. It is very inspiring to read this article and find how incredibly innovative Elon Musk is. He have created many things that revolutionized the world, such as Paypal that has became one of the largest online payment processors in the world. With the advent of internet and computer literacy, people have not understood that you can shop without running around the stores.The invention of Paypal just makes our everyday lives more convenient.

  • I have been using Paypal for at least 2 or 3 years, and have never thought about who came up with this idea, but now that i know it is Elon Musk. It is very inspiring to read this article and find how incredibly innovative Elon Musk is. He have created many things that revolutionize the world, such as Paypal that has became one of the largest online payment processors in the world. With the advent of internet and computer literacy, people have now understood that you can shop without running around the stores.The invention of Paypal just makes our everyday lives more convenient.

  • Before watching the video in class I would have never guessed how much of a role Elon Musk played in revolutionizing the world for the better of the people. He truly has a passion for what he does and is definitely not afraid to take risks. The part I found to be most impacting in the article was when he was trying to develop a new car brand in the automotive industry “Tesla” and knowing it was hard enough for him to get people to trust in his brand that it was a reliable car, the economy took a turn and the new car market was declining, but that did not stop him from doing what he believed in.

  • Before reading this article I had no clue who Elon Musk was even after using one of his inventions, Paypal. It was interesting to see how one man revolutionized the way we can pay for things today. Because of him we now have an online market and can order things online. He came from being close to broke to a billionaire.

  • I had no clue of how exceptional of a man Elon Musk is. Even though Musk did not have a good home life and did not fit in with his peers, he was self-driven from the start. Even as a little boy he would read up to 10 hours a day. Not only did he teach himself as a little kid, he also programmed a computer and created his own video game! As an adult, Elon Musk has done work with solar energy, satellites, and many other industries. He is incredibly smart and also has an impressive work ethic. What I like about he is that he is always looking for inspiration. Elon Musk strives to make things better and faster. He strives to do his best all the time, not for wealth or fame, but for the sake of humanity.

  • Obviously Elon Musk’s success, and even more-so his rise to it, are impressive. I don’t think anybody would really disagree with that, but I was a lot more interested in how he behaved in his younger years, and his struggle (showering at the YMCA) that he endured on his path to achieving great success. I guess because I have not yet accomplished much in my life, that I find it more appealing, reading about his struggle, and then seeing the end game, seeing that it all ended up to be worth it. I guess I would compare reading this article to a cheap inspirational fix similar to that, that one would get from watching a movie like, “Rudy”. I admire his drive to find clean energy sources, even though he could sit back and just gather money and enjoy life.. although it seems that work is what he enjoys. I don’t really have much else to say that hasn’t been said already.

  • Even I use Paypal for a very long time, I have no idea that who had the thought for it . After reading this article, I know it is Elon Musk. He is very talent. He’s study was not good at school, but he used to come up some lofty-ideals. The average person may only think about it, and never doing work to achieve the goal. However, Elon did and he succeed. His success brings many benefits to us and it makes our life more convenience. From the article,I know that he is a truly hardworking man. In this society, employees will often complain about working 80 hours a week, but nobody complains in Elon’s company because their boss work almost 100 hours a week. They are all respect and admire him. And the article also tells us that we should never give up. good things are always come after bad things. At first, Elon almost needed to close SpaceX and Tesla factories because there were no investments. But it is because of his persistence, he got the investments and succeed at the end. Overall, it’s a good article.

  • I think that it’s incredible the way Elon has gone about his life. Like the article says many of the 20 something millionaires would take their money and invest it then retire. The fact that he has such a down to earth mindset to want to invest his own money in new startup companies to better the world is incredible. Unlike other millionaires that are around the world who spend their money on themselves and going out to party Elon has began multi million dollar companies to solve problems throughout America and the rest of the world. Learning that he actually dropped out of his doctoral program really made me realize that he truly is not a self centered person. The fact that his employees, even the high up engineers that model and create these rockets and new cars say how dedicated he is to the plan is incredible. They keep saying they work 80 hour weeks, but they don’t mind because he works 100 hour weeks. All in all I gained a lot of respect for the guy.

  • Prior to reading this article, I only had a brief knowledge of Elon Musk. I like that Musk would invest in companies or ideas even when he was advised not to. This demonstrates the incredible vision that he has. Additionally, I like that Musk didn’t stop after one successful project, as many young millionaires would have. He was willing to take risks which clearly ended up paying off for him.

  • Before this reading, I don’t think I’d ever heard the name “Elon Musk.” Tesla and SpaceX, yes, but only in passing and never with enough detail to draw me in. Paypal, sure, but I never wondered where it came from. It’s interesting to me how he is doing so much and has done so much, and that I come into contact with things he’s had a hand in so often in my life, but I never really knew anything about him. I am also fascinated by what the employees said and implied about him – that they have a healthy respect for him just as much as they are weary of him. I’m glad that I got this introduction to Elon Musk and his courage to keep going, and I hope to emulate a bit of that courage in my own life now.

  • When I heard the name, Elon Musk, I questioned myself, “Who is this”. After learning who he was, I was amazed because he was the man that introduced the world to Paypal. He completely changed the 21st century by letting organizations manage their transaction more secure, effective, and easier. After reading the article, Elon Musk has a genius brain that can led him to be success and helping others. Musk is probably one of the fewest people that would devoted himself to his company and ideas. He is a very humble man. He would not receive a lot of money like any other millionaire and keep it to himself, instead he would work about 80 or more hours in a week on his creation. I can not wait until what else he will come up with.

  • Unfortunately, I had not heard of Elon Musk prior to reading this article. This amazing innovator has created a name for himself by devoting his time and energy towards the growth of technology. Tesla, SpaceX and Pay Pal are just examples of his intelligence and work ethic. Musk, after two days in a PhD program, drops out because he “couldn’t stand to just watch the internet go by—[he] wanted to jump in and make it better”, which is not surprising due to his self learning experiences as a child. He is a man that the world of technology will always benefit from and be grateful for.

  • I have admired Elon Musk for several years, but even now reading this article I learned more about his endless amount of endeavors. Elon Musk has an incredible internal belief in himself that extends humanity’s capabilities. The Hyperloop will not solve an transportation efficiency problem but it will also create an excitement for its users. Elon Musk is at the frontier of a world that views all dimensions of functionality and purpose. He not only thinks of the main problem that people need to get from point A to point B but he also thinks of the fact that people can get from point A to point B without harming the Earth by burning fossil fuels.

  • Before reading this article, I didn’t have a clue who Elon Muck was. I had heard of the obvious companies PayPal and Tesla but I never knew who the man behind all of this advanced technology was. I hate reading long articles, but this one kept my attention throughout the whole thing because he is such an interesting man. I loved when the writer said, “he refuses to advertise for Tesla, something most startup car companies wouldn’t think twice about—because he sees advertising as manipulative and dishonest.” This just shows to me that he is confident in his products and doesn’t need and hook or gimmicks for people to know that his products are quality.

  • When i first heard the name “Elon Musk” it was in my 2012 algebra class from a professor who absolutely idolized the man. While i did not understand his excitement, over the entirety of the semester day by day i began to see why he idolized him so. Elon musk is what Steve jobs was to apple but on a broader scale, he is an absolute genus and also an idol of mine. It is absolutely unimaginable to think that in this day and age a real life tony stark is among us, making history in the way nobody could of imagined. and after reading this article on Elon musk i am only blown away further, this man has more brain power, ingenuity and drive than i have ever had for anything in my life, while reading towards the end it was starting to feel like Elon musk was at the forefront of new technological and biological discoveries far ahead of anyone in his time. After being surprised so much by all of his accomplishments, i wouldn’t be completely surprised if he has also developed a time machine and is really from the future.

  • To be honest, I have never heard of Elon Musk before and I feel kinda bad since he’s really that great. He is one of a kind. He is really determine in what he wants to do. He thinks out of the box. He thinks far beyond into the future. What is more great about him that according to Tim, he does not prefer people writing about him. He wants people know what is really going on in his businesses instead of knowing about his life. He is very successful and rich, yet he is still humble. That is so inspiring. I think he deserves much more attention than he’s getting now even though he does not favor it. I hope someday i could come up with such brilliant ideas just like he did.

  • Until reading this article, I unfortunately never heard of Elon Musk. After reading it, I was greatly inspired by all of his accomplishments, especially at the young age of 12. It makes you want to go out and do something outside of your course curriculum. I also find his personality extremely rare, and probably the driver of his inventions. I wonder what would have happened if he were more social? Overall, his confidence and the confidence that others find in him and his ideas are astonishing.

  • Honestly I’ve only heard Elon Musk’s name once and still never knew why he was famous. Reading this article and knowing all of the accomplishments he’s had since the age of 12 (and failures) has left me more inspired to jump into my career and jumpstart my future. I admire his innovative mind and humble attitude. Many people today let their recognition and fortunes cloud their judgment and change who they were, but even now he’s just trying to figure out the next big thing. I would only hope that more people pay attention to the strides he’s made/ plan to make.

  • I never knew who Elon Musk was before this class, however once i found out he was the inventor of Paypal i became more intrigued . As i read the article i found out that Musk is great believer in giving humanity the best chance of a good future. I think there is no better way of spending your money than to help expand the world knowledge and ability to discover new things. He is some to definitely look at when considering people who have shaped this society and bettered our value for knowledge.

  • Reading this article has given me a lot of information and insight about Elon Musk. Before taking this class I have not heard about Musk and this article really opened my eyes to how important he is to the business world. I think it is extremely interesting all of the different businesses that he is involved with, and how different they all are. From PayPal to Tesla to SolarCity to SpaceX it just shows how inventive and creative of a man Elon Musk is. And I think its great that he is not in it for the money and that he is just truly trying to better the world with all of his work. After reading this I will definite begin to follow his movements in the business world more closely.

  • I found this article to be very informative and interesting. Before reading this article I knew somethings Elon Musk , for example I knew that he founded two successful multi billion dollar companies (Tesla and Paypal), and that he challenged other automobile companies to embrace a more environment friendly car. This is why when I heard that Tesla made their patents not exclusive to be very interesting and I thought it to be more of a PR move. However, after reading this article I know that was not the case. Musk does not care about money, he is more interested in making the world a better place. One thing that I found very interesting in this article was that if Musk had an idea he would invest all his money into that venture.

  • Before reading this article I had no idea who was Elon Musk, this article is very informative and beneficial. I now acknowledge Elon Musk. I am very familiar with Paypal and heard of Tesla cars, but I never knew who was the founder. After reading the article, I completely admire Elon Musk. He is a successful billionaire, but his intention was not to make money out of his products. His inspiration is to make the world a better place such as Tesla, producing environment friendly cars; and Paypal, making it more convenient for people to have safe and easy transactions online or between unknown strangers.

  • Before beginning this article I had no idea who Elon Musk was, however I did have some knowledge of what he invented such as PenPal. For my specific preference and style of learning I felt like The Simpsons episode did more for me as far as grasping an understanding of exactly who this Musk guy is and what he has done for us. I personally do not use many of his intentions but I find his work and background very interesting and inspiring as a business student.

  • I find it funny how I use and know of a ton of things Elon Musk has done, but prior to this article I had no idea who he was. The fact that a single human being has constructed the amount of things he did is just mind blowing. Here you have someone who was born in a foreign country, created a video game at the age of 12, and managed to become one of the most powerful men on this planet. A person typically chooses one field in their life to focus on and do for the rest of his/her life. But not Mr. Musk. One minute he is developing Paypal, the next he is studying rocket technology and working with NASA. On top of everything, he still has time for this interview when I barely have time to finish econ homework. If this man considers humans to be computers, how can I upgrade my software to even a fraction of his?

  • Before reading this article, I barely knew anything about who Elon Musk was or what he had contributed to the world. After reading I have found that Elon Musk is arguably one of the most innovative, creative, and important living people to have contributed so much to the technological and physical world. He has significantly redefined the way we live and do everyday things through creation and innovation of: Paypal or Tesla cars. Without his creative thinking, the world would be different, and Elon is an important innovator for today’s world.

  • Prior to reading this article, I did not know who Elon Musk was. He is a man who is revolutionizing the world that we live in by creating products that, as mentioned in the article, consumers did not even know they wanted. He is a man that is willing to take big risks with his own investments to get the rest of the world to see how important the existence of these companies is. Tesla, SpaceX, and PayPal, have already or will soon change the way we live by making possible what was once thought to be impossible. It is the creativity and determination of Elon Musk that is creating amazing companies that are focused on making the world a better place.

  • I’ve never heard of Elon Musk before and it is really eye-opening after I read this article. He is so cool and even with that insane amount of talent and intelligence and money, he is very humble. Elon has definitely contributed a lot to the world and he is still trying to help the world to be a better place. Elon, I believe is one of the greatest living inventor, look at how massively successful Tesla and SpaceX are. Also,knowing that he sincerely is concerned about AI makes me respect him more and I can’t wait to witness more of his creative innovations.

  • This article was definitely a good read and very interesting. I never heard of Elon Musk until professor mentioned him. I also did not know he was the person who created pay pal despite the fact that I use pay pal for all of my online shopping. It amazes me how smart Elon Musk is. I thought that it was pretty cool how it took him a few days to fix his computer as a child, when it was going to take some experienced adults a couple months to fix it. You knew from there that he was going to do great things in the world.

  • Before reading the article, I never knew who Elon Musk was, actually before the lecture I never heard of him. He is a very innovative person and puts everything he has into the projects he works on. He created Paypal, which i see all the time and never knew that he was the mind behind it. Overall, Elon Musk is a creative person who changed the way of doing things!

  • I have heard the name Elon Musk from shows like The Simpsons but didn’t know why he was famous and made so much money. The article was an interesting read and kept me engaged while reading. He has proven himself to be extremely innovative and forward thinking. Pay Pal is worldwide and inventing it was a huge accomplishment. It was amazing to find out how naturally gifted he was, even as a child, completing tasks beyond his years. His creations are continuously improving our way of life and for such an accomplished man to stay humble and hungry is inspirational.

    • I only knew of Elon Musk as the creator of Tesla. The article was very interesting to me and I thought it was funny how it mentioned Elon doesn’t enjoy talking to people who don’t have innovative ideas to discuss with him. It’s also neat how he doesn’t really give himself much of a paycheck. That just goes to show you he is a very humble person, who invents for people. He is such an innovative thinker, and I think there will be more to com from Elon Musk.

  • Elon Musk is an extremely interesting individual who is continuously pushing the limit on what we think is possibly. There is a link to a recent interview with him on the new Colbert show and it is very interesting and a little funny, I would definitely suggest checking it out. They also discuss moving human life to mars, dropping thermo-nuclear bombs and Musk being a super villain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LaXSXjMxWM

    • I only knew of Elon Musk as the creator of Tesla. The article was very interesting to me and I thought it was funny how it mentioned Elon doesn’t enjoy talking to people who don’t have innovative ideas to discuss with him. It’s also neat how he doesn’t really give himself much of a paycheck. That just goes to show you he is a very humble person, who invents for people. He is such an innovative thinker, and I think there will be more to com from Elon Musk.

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