MIS 2101.001 – Adam Alalouf – Fall 2015



Adam Alalouf

Email: adam.alalouf@temple.edu
Location: Alter 033
Office hours by appointment only. 


Adam is a graduate of the Fox MIS program and is a recipient of the Fox MIS Student Achievement Award. Adam was named the winner of the Fox MIS e-portfolio contest (now known in the curriculum as Digital Identity Management) and was presented the award by Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress (go to ma.tt to learn more about Matt). Adam graduated from the university with a 4.00 GPA.

Adam is the director of marketing and technology at Mesa Technical Associates, Inc. and affiliated enterprises, Mesa Veterans Power and Mesa Technical Services. Adam uses MIS disciplines in his profession. With a breadth of interests and skills Adam manages various projects at Mesa, including print and digital marketing campaigns, ERP implementation and administration, and operational and financial oversight. One of Adam’s greatest assets is his ability to improve processes through meticulous attention to detail and creativity in approach to systems optimization.

Adam is also an avid chef and proponent of health and wellness through nutrition. His signature is “mezze” or “tapas” style preparations of fresh ingredients that are in season locally, a tradition that borrows from Mediterranean cuisine. His grandmother Miriam is his greatest culinary influence and muse. Grandma Miriam and Grandpa Yosef Alalouf are of Moroccan heritage (emigrating from Spain circa 1492), and the name Alalouf is Moroccan and means “the ox.”

Adam also enjoys painting and craft, playing and writing music, and reading and writing prose and poetry. Whereas his culinary muse is paternal, his artistic muse is maternal, in particular his great-grandmother Anne Marie Königsberger. Her parents Felix and Elizabeth, Adam’s great-great-grandparents, were a member of the social elite in pre-WWII Berlin. When the Third Reich came to power, Felix was taken to Dachau concentration camp, where he was eventually murdered along with thousands of other victims of the Reich. Elizabeth, Anne Marie, and Irene, Anne Marie’s daughter, miraculously made their way through Europe, hiding from the Nazis for years until they were able to set sail for New York City after the war.

Adam was born and grew up in Israel. His parents, Yigal and Tamar, met in high school and had no money. Yigal, out of desperation and much to Tamar’s chagrin, decided to play the lottery. He won. They were able to buy an apartment and squander the rest of the cash while fighting incessantly during their one year marriage. Both of Adam’s parents got remarried and had other children, making Adam the proud eldest brother of 6 wonderful humans.

Course description

Information Systems in Organizations introduces students to core concepts of management information systems. Students learn to identify and analyze organizational systems and processes using techniques including conceptual diagramming, process decomposition, and data modeling; gain experience in identifying and using multiple types of systems used by organizations ranging from start-ups to global enterprises; and, analyze consumer information systems to understand multiple approaches to systems architecture, the power of network effects and platforms, and the importance of digital identity management. Ethical issues in use of information systems and the role of systems in business careers are also covered.


MIS2101 was completely redesigned for the fall of 2015.  Credit for this redesign goes to Professor Steven Johnson. The work done by Professor Johnson makes a bold intellectual statement about innovative techniques that enable students to develop a deeper, more genuine understanding of the most essential topics covered in an MIS course and a departure from the traditional memorization of terms that students take away from a traditional MIS course.

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