MIS 2101.001 – Adam Alalouf – Fall 2015


The No B.S. Philadelphia Election Guide

Get out the vote!

Find out what your candidates issues are here. Don’t slate vote! Find out what they each stand for, and vote based on their agenda, experience, and transparency. You are voting, yes?

From the mayor’s race, to Council, to the Supreme Court, here’s everything you need to know for Tuesday’s election. It’s the ultimate Philadelphia election guide.

Source: The No B.S. Philadelphia Election Guide

What We Know, Now, About the Internet’s Disruptive Power

As discussed in class today, this article from the reading is full of important concepts on the changes effected by the age of informational connectivity. Things to pay attention to are the richness/reach interplay, the observable impact of the internet on businesses and the market as a whole, and Michael Porter’s input on the subject.

A look back at 30 years of HBR’s best stuff on digital business models.

Source: What We Know, Now, About the Internet’s Disruptive Power

Electronic Submissions of Learn IT! #1 Assignment

How to Submit your Learn IT! #1 Deliverable Electronically

Please make a note of the following procedure for electronically submitting your Learn IT! #1 Assignment. All you have to do is email your final deliverable (I prefer a PDF format) to the following address:


Please name your file using this convention: LastName_FirstName_LearnIT1

Some students asked me about the portion of the assignment that asks you to publish your e-portfolio to my course section on the community site. This seems to have some kinks at the moment so hold off on this until the department fixes this and I will post an update.