MIS 2101 Sec 001 – Adam Alalouf – Fall 2018

Max Labs – Labs 3a and 3b

Below you will find the Max Labs assignments 3a and 3b.  Please complete the exercises before the due date listed in the class schedule.  As part of completing the exercises you will take screen shots of your work and paste these screen shots into the associated answer sheet.  You will need to follow the directions provided by your instructor to hand in your completed answer sheet to receive credit for these assignments. 

Lab 3a Pre-flight Checklist
Lab 3a

Lab 3b Pre-flight Checklist
Lab 3b

Lab 3b Reflection Questions Please read this list of questions and be prepared to discuss in class

Please use the following answer sheet (Microsoft Word format) when completing the assignment and submitting your work.  If you fail to use the following answer sheet, you will not receive credit for completing the assignment.  

Answer Sheet for Max labs 3a-and-3b


Save your word or ppt document of deliverables with the naming convention LastName_First Name_2101SectionX_Max labs 3a3b and email it from your Temple email account to: 


Due Date: Start of class on 11/13.

No printed submissions!

*** Remember, no late assignments will be accepted!

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