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Thomas Friedman // the earth is flat

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  • The three eras of globalization that shrank the world from large to tiny were coined by Thomas Friedman and were shrunk by countries, companies, and individuals, respectively. His concept of earth “flattners” is very cool and how the PC revolutionized the future is amazing.

    • Hey Jacob,

      I also found Friedman’s explanation of the three eras of globalization to be very interesting. Individuals today definitely have more of an impact in the world than they did before. His concept of earth “flatenners” was very cool, I definitely want to see what the other six flatenners are now. I never knew about Netscape or the “.com boom” before watching this speech.

      Nice comment!
      -Paul Creely

      • Yeah Paul, I agree. The other 6 flatteners are probably really cool and that Netscape info was way before both of our time, I guess! But I did know about the “.com boom”. Could you imagine if you owned “google.com” before them and how much they would’ve paid for it!

        • Hey Jacob,

          Yeah I believe the Netscape info was from before both of us were born but it’s awesome to know! That’s a great point about the “.com boom”. If you owned a major company like Google before the boom happened you’d be really lucky to be able to cash in on that haha.


  • I found the part about Netscape very intriguing. I had not previously known about the significance of 8/9/1989, when Netscape went public. Their invention of the web browser led to the .com boom. The workflow revolution then allowed people all around the world to communicate and thus created the flattening of the world.

    • I found this very interesting too! You always wonder where things come from, I cant believe the 1989 public exposure of Netscape is where .com came from. You learn something new every day ! .com really connected everyone from all over the place. If this didnt happen we probably wouldnt have as many businesses as we do today considering many things are manufactured across seas.

  • This video was pretty interesting. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the video, based on the title, but I now understand what Thomas Friedman meant. In my opinion, the most interesting parts of the video were NetScape’s introduction of the browser, and the Third Flattener allowing communication between different platforms.

    • I found the NetScape part very interesting too because I never even heard of them before this. Now I can also see how they opened up a faster speed of globalization.

  • I really enjoyed this video and was considering reading his book but now I am sure that I will. What I enjoyed the most in this video is the connections he made to different people and events which helped me understand the importance of looking at things from different angles. I was fascinated by the connection he made between downloading and a round world and uploading and a flat world. He urges for people to understand how crucial it is to value creativity, liberal arts education and the constant learning process that we are all facing and will continue to face. I connected that thought with David Kelley’s company where lawyers, engineers, accountants and doctors take his program to work together as a team on a product to better understand what customers want. The connection is that both Friedman and Kelley value creativity because they understand the importance of it today in the 3.0 era of globalization.

  • I was very entertained while viewing Thomas Friedman speak and I found his most interesting point to be about his Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention. It just makes sense how if two countries apart of the same major global supply chain that they would never conflict with one another because in the end it would just backfire on both. Also, I was very impressed of his description of the “Ten Flatteners” and has inspired me to learn more about them.

  • I did not expect to enjoy Thomas Friedman’s speech as much as I did. Friedman’s explanation of globalization 3.0 and how the world became flat was very intriguing. Friedman did an excellent job explaining the transition from the creation of the PC to the digitized interoperability we have today.

  • I enjoyed watching this speech because it’s nice to see opinions and how other people think. I really enjoyed Thomas Friedman’s theory and his support to back up his evidence. He has an interesting theory and I was very intrigued by it and I’m happy I watched this speech.

  • I found this video very interesting, because Thomas Friedman explained the view of the World from a perspective that I never thought of, and it is accurate and certain. The three eras of Globalization, combined with the flatteners made me realize that “whatever can be done will be done.”

  • Thomas Friedman really showed his insight into how the third globalization is changing the way the world works, as well as how to stay ahead in the modern world. Ideas can now be carried out extremely quickly because most people are empowered with Internet devices and online platforms, which allows them to exchange ideas and collaborate with people from around the world. But when the world goes faster, knowledge also gets out of date more quickly. Thus, we don’t just need to “learn”, but also “learn how to learn”, meaning that we need to always be ready to update our knowledge.

  • I thought that the video was surprisingly interesting. He painted a clear picture of a world moving faster than most can keep up. When he spoke about Netspace I thought that was really cool. I didn’t know anything about Netspace before watching the video. Netspace and the web broadened the audience for the internet. Overall pretty cool stuff glad I watched it and hope everyone is warm and made it through the snow ok!

    • Hey Patrick, I was also fascinated by Netspace! It was informative to see how we have grown overall as far as the Internet goes. However, I wanted to see a little bit more comparative knowledge on it so I could see analytics of it. If it was more organic, I think it would have been helpful for me to learn more.

  • Friedman talks about three phases of globalization and four “flatteners.” It is really a interesting speech, after watching this video, “whatever can be done will be done” and “farther faster deeper cheaper” are like two spells hovering over my head. BTW his sarcasm about China’s GFW at last makes me LMAO.

  • What Friedman means when he says the earth is “flat” is that on a platform for multiple forms of collaboration people can collaborate with others. The first three flatteners he mentioned were the invention of the PC, August 9th, 1995 called Netscape when they went public with the browser, and the workflow revolution. The PC led to being able to author own content in digital form. The Netscape revolution let people send their content anywhere in the world for free. Lastly, the workflow revolution allowed people anywhere in the world to share their digital content faster and cheaper.

  • i also like the video aswell it really open my eyes on how Netspace worked and how it came about.

  • Friedman’s argument about the Earth being flat is very intriguing. His philosophy that our enhanced expose to knowledge has open up both sides of our brain, but we need to further enhance our left side is easily agreeable. In such a rich generation of knowledge and information, it is up to us to utilize that. Unfortunately, creativity has declined. Maybe this is due to the fact we can ask questions and receive answers in such rapid fashion that we have stopped pondering as much. What is known, is that creativity is diminishing which is not good because creativity leads to innovation, and without innovation, we can not economically progress.

  • I like Friedman illustrated his point of view and how the globalization is effecting the process of the world.I like how people had different opinions about it.I never knew anything about Netspace before and that made me read more about it. I am really glad that I saw that video because I earned a lot of information from it

  • This video is interesting, I was attract by this video’s title too. I like Friedman’s argument about the how the globalization affect the world. I think the Netspace that he was talking about is interesting because I like to know things about the internet. The PC revolution make the world changed.

  • Honestly, he lost me a couple times here. I feel like this guy used a lot of big words just to pretty much say technology has come a long way. I feel as though Friedman could have used visuals or something to make this talk more interesting. I think if it were in the form of a TED talk it would have been a much more efficient talk. He had interesting points but the delivery wasn’t great.

    “It’s a no for me dawg” -Randy Jackson

  • This video of Friedman about the Earth being flat is very fascinating. He mentioned about three globalization eras and ten “flatteners.” The invention of PC, which called NetSpace, really caught my attention . Friedman’s speech also encourages people to always update with the new knowledge in life.

  • This video was actually very interesting to me. I’m not gonna lie I still think that a lot of people think the world is flat and you can’t blame them because of all the theories saying one way or another. Friedman mentioned three globalization eras and Ten “flatteners”. I think that the speech was also Friedman’s way of telling people to keep updating with all of the new knowledge in life.

  • I enjoyed watching this video and the title stimulated me to watch it even more because we all were told that the earth is a shape of a circle. Thomas Friedman has an interesting theory and he has a very strong support background in his speech. He was able to pain a clear picture of world moving faster. Overall pretty interesting stuff and I am glad I got a chance to watch it.

  • Thomas Friedman’s concept of the world’s ten flatteners certainly sounds interesting, not only because it literally virtually shortened the distance between people, but because it seems that we are constantly moving forward with time.

  • A theme of the video is the increase in rate of change in the world. The shift from vertical to horizontal allows for worldwide growth like never before for companies and individuals. Individuals having power and technology at their fingertips allows for ideas to be created and improved faster..

  • I really liked how he explained the idea of earth becoming “flat”, and the concept of three eras of globalization. I also liked the part where Friedman explains the four flattners. His idea of learning how to learn was pretty interesting and how to come up with new ideas and innovate commodities. Overall, I enjoyed the talk and might even read his book.

  • I thought it was really interesting how much what the CEO of Infosys, Nandan said stuck to him. He said, ” the global economic Plainfield is being leveled”. This was his way of saying the world is flat. I also thought that the four flatteners he talked about were intriguing.

  • Thomas Friedman describes the history behind perhaps the most influential invention of all time. The Netscape changed society like never before, introducing a platform that would leave it’s mark on basically everything. it’s impact would reach to generations beyond and does not look to slow down in the future.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this video. At first I was skeptical because of the title but soon realized that it was a metaphor. I didn’t realize how much the internet has helped out out in rough times such as when Germany was separated. PCs connected people together. I am interested in his Netscape flattener which I will further research. thinking about having the ability to share files and videos always intrigued me. I really love Friedman’s overall metaphor. My favorite line that he said was, “People are writing their own encyclopedia” which is very true.

  • Thomas Friedman gave a really interesting lecture that raised an interesting question from the start because of the title, The Earth is Flat. Later on while talking about globalization and the things that “flatten” this world I understood the finer message behind the provocative title.

  • I found this speech very interesting and informative. I like the ideas of Thomas Friedman and concepts such as the explanation of the metaphor “the world is flat” from which he means that every competitor has an equal opportunity. Friedman also mentions the idea of globalization and the changes that come from it such as the economic concepts.

  • Two things immediately caught my attention: the title and the length of the video. He lost me a couple of times because the talk was so long, it felt like a lecture and I had to watch the video in multiple sittings. He talked about the importance of different point of views. His perspective is very different from mine and made me reevaluate a lot of things.

  • With a title like the “World is Flat” my curiosity was instantly peaked with myself thinking “surely this isn’t some flat earther conspiracy but what could it be?” Of course what it actually discusses is how we humans have become more interconnected, first as nations, than as companies, and finally as individuals thanks to technological advances. It makes me think about how when I was growing up playing video games online, I would talk to people in Australia and other foreign countries, which just blew my parents’ minds.

  • One interesting point made by Friedman was that as we truly enter the age of Flatness, what we do will not change, but rather how we do things. Transitioning from a vertical command and control system towards a horizontal connect and collaborate model will revolutionize how governments, businesses, and individuals operate on a daily basis. Information can no longer be control by stronger entities, and these strong entities are going to adjust to remain competitive and in control.

  • I enjoyed Thomas Friedman’s lecture on Globalization 3.0, about how the world became flat through the workflow revolution that opened communication. Technology has advanced so much that it allowed for our world to be more connected. “The world is flat” means that there is now a level playing field.

  • I like the comparison of how the Earth being flat proposes that we are all interconnected. since technology and social media has come into play, we as humans have become more connected with each other. We have created his language that binds us together in a different way, as he was alluding to in the video. We have better opportunities now as there is a more level playing field than there used to be. He shifts the perspective by showing how we have grown from PCs to Macs to iPhone and etc. It is a much more interesting perspective on what we think about when we think about flat earth – it’s actually much more widening in this idea than the other.

  • I liked this video as when I heard the idea of the earth being flat, I was in total disagreement with it as the world is obviously round. But he didn’t mean it in that term as it was a metaphor for the globalization economic playing field. From then I understood his idea as to why calling the world flat because no matter the geographic standpoint, it is not runs the world but the economy does. Meaning the economy is the world and as other parts of the world advance, it will cause the world to become flat and like he said us, Americans, aren’t ready for it.

  • I enjoyed watching the video and the comparison of the world being flat to a level playing field in terms of commerce, where all competitors have an equal opportunity was an interesting topic. it is not about the world actually being flat it is a metaphor for the economy being an equal opportunity for everyone.

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