MIS 2101 Sec 001 – Adam Alalouf – Fall 2018

Adam Alalouf

Quantum Computing

A great question was asked about quantum computing today, and this just appeared in my inbox earlier this morning. While this will not be on the exam (!!!) I am sharing it in case you want to understand a bit more about bits and qubits. 

The Long Tail

Read the best article about the long tail by Chris Anderson, an expert who has written extensively about the subject. The article was first published on Wired magazine and is linked here

Welcome from the Instructor

Hello and welcome to MIS 2101! 

As mentioned in class, we will not use Canvas. Instead, we will use the MIS community site hosted by WordPress. This is not my decision, it is a department decision. All announcements, assignments, and grades will be posted on the site, available here
Take a look and familiarize yourself with the site. You will especially want to get to know the schedule, which has links to all the readings and videos required. Notice that the readings are organized by learning week. You should complete these before the start of the first class each week. This way you will be prepared when you come to class and you will accomplish more in less time (work smarter, not harder). 
You can also download the class slides, and if you hover over the assignments tab, you will see links to each assignment. 
You will find some useful information under course materials, especially the activity packet that you are required to print
Finally, your grades will periodically be posted on the gradebook. Grades are usually posted a few days after an exam. Grading policies are available here. 
Questions? Write them down and bring them to the next class. 
Oh, that activity I handed out at the beginning of class? Complete it and bring your questions to class. 
One last thing — create your own name tag for class. Make it large enough so I can see it from the podium. Instead of raising your hand to ask a question, raise your name tag so I can call you by your name. 
See you Thursday! 
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