MIS 2101.701 – Amy Lavin – Spring 2017

Weekly Question #7

Leave your response as a comment on this post by 11:59PM on March 5, 2017.  Your response only needs to be about three or four sentences. These weekly questions should reinforce class discussions, readings and show some insight.

In Week 7, we discussed platforms, cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence.  Of these three topics, which do you think will have the biggest impact on your future career?  Which do you think organizations can use to leverage technology to gain competitive advantages in the marketplace? 

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  • I believe for the long-term future of my career, the continued development of Artificial Intelligence will have the biggest impact. Despite warnings from Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking AND Bill Gates, Artificial Intelligence will continue to be refined until it reaches ASI status. Until that time comes, companies are going to continue to leverage ANI technology to develop systems like IBM Watson. Technology like Watson will revolutionize the analysis of unstructured data, and will largely impact the future career by automating a lot of the tasks business professionals currently spend an exorbitant amount of time doing.

  • I believe in the future Artificial Intelligence will have the biggest impact on my field. Cloud computing and platforms are already being utilized in a way where future, bigger, utilization of it will not be surprising and is actually expected. However, since Artificial Intelligence is still so new to the field, i believe switching over to fully automated businesses and communicating business through artificial intelligence will prove to be more efficient and easier while simultaneously posing new problems for the older generations in business.

  • Artificial Intelligence will by far have the most impact on my future career. Organizations can use it to more accurately predict forecasts, market shifts, customer attitudes, and infinite other things. It will eventually replace the need for almost all human employees, which will cause a shift in economic value of money down the line

  • I would say currently in my career right now, cloud computing has the largest impact. I say this because my company has been able to build onto an existing cloud based software system that supports our operational, clinical, financial and sales team success. We have a completive advantage over other agencies and have real time access to data unlike any other agency in our Industry. I believe that Artificial Intelligence will eventually impact the Healthcare Market, but I don’t know if it will directly impact me any time soon. I did want to comment that there was a blurb on KYW about Artificial Intelligence today. Apparently there was a subpoena served to Amazon to use the Echo Dot data as evidence in a murder case. Amazon is refusing to release any information, they feel it takes away ones right to privacy and is raising concerns as to how much control consumers actually have over their smart devices.. They say the Dot goes into sleep mode and does not record conversations but will pick up “hot words”. I found this interesting considering our class discussion last night!

  • Of the topics discussed, I see the platforms having the biggest impact on my career. In accounting we use different software types/packages to help our clients, and these software programs change all the time. I think there will be a greater effort to create software that will simplify the accounting platform, so tasks are easier and quicker to complete. I don’t think a robot will be replacing my job anytime soon, but I do see other positions becoming more computerized(fast-food restaurants). As a whole I foresee simplified software for companies that will speed up workloads, and provide quicker profits for companies. I think a lot of this will involve cloud computing as well, because the information stored for clients is easier and more cost effectively stored on the cloud software.

  • I believe cloud computing will have the biggest impact on my future career. Currently, I use cloud computing a lot to collaborate with bloggers on my blog (TransferWays.wordpress.com). I love the availability, simplicity, and collaboration that services such as Google Docs and Google Sheets provide. In the future, I see myself continuing to utilize these services in my personal and professional life as they grow and I find new ways to take advantage of them.

  • I would say that cloud computing will have the biggest impact on my future career. Cloud computing has been existed for a while, and it provides many advantages such as anywhere & anytime collaboration, energy efficiency, reduction in support and hardware needs to the users. Currently, many people are not familiar or proficient with cloud computing, but it’s going to be the center of computing and many industries. Therefore, the user population will substantially grow from now on. Also, cloud computing will be a requirement for everyone using computer someday like everyone knows how to use Microsoft Office programs these days. Artificial Intelligence is something that organizations will use to leverage technology to gain competitive advantages in the market place in the remote future. The main goal for many organizations besides non-profit organizations is to make profit. Organizations need to increase labor force to generate more revenue and cut the labor cost to maximize profit. Therefore, many organizations will utilize artificial intelligence as a solution even though it’s a risky option. As we discussed in our last class, robots can work 24/7 without food, beverages, and sleep to sustain themselves.

  • I think that artificial intelligence will have the biggest impact on my career. Different things are invented every day and as a society, we are learning to be so much more innovative. We are becoming much more reliant on technology which is causing us to be much more lazy. Its kind of sad yet interesting at the same time to think that in the future technology dependence is going to be that much more apparent. I’m sure that due to the intelligence increase of these things, I will be working quite frequently with such aspects.

  • Artificial Intelligence will have a huge impact on a lot of people’s careers. The reason companies want to use Artificial Intelligence is to make a profit, and what better way to increase profit than to fire your employees and have machines do the work. If you think about it, not only do they not have to pay salaries to machines, but they do not need to pay benefits as well. This will save companies a huge amount of money. If a machine can do all of the functions of a job, why not have them complete that job instead of an actual person? Artificial Intelligence is something that we really need to continue to keep a close eye on.

  • Out of all the three topics discussed, I definitely believe that artificial intelligence will be making the largest impact on business organizations and the world in general. I can see AI being utilized in the future as a way for businesses to gain competitive advantage in sectors such as customer service satisfaction, manufacturing, and research (just to name a few). If artificial intelligence is perfected, and it becomes almost indistinguishable to human interaction – one example that comes to mind is if an AI existed that could be used as an automotive phone service that would serve as a customer service provider, If AI were to be so intelligent, faster, and more efficient than human counter parts, however, at the same time carry a tone of human likeliness – it most likely could be used to provide quicker and faster solutions to customers, as well as probably cut operational costs. In the world of AI the possibilities are endless!

  • I think that artificial intelligence will have the largest impact in both my personal and professional life. For instance, one type of AI is self driving cars. As a risk major, this is very important. Currently, auto insurance is one of the biggest revenue drivers in a lot of large insurance carriers. However, with the emergence of self-driving cars, the necessity for auto insurance could decrease as self driving cars become more advanced. Many have argued that in no way could a self driving car accident be blamed on the driver (or their insurance provider), meaning the auto maker would be responsible for the much decreased likelihood of an accident. This would negate the necessity of auto insurance.

  • I think cloud computing think will have the biggest impact on my future career. Insurance is always viewed as being in the dark ages with technology, it just is ha! This past summer I witnessed the company I was interning for invest huge amounts into cloud on-boarding and witnessed the same thing with my winter Co-op. The cloud computing and database storage is becoming a more useful tool because it’s accessible anywhere and can be shared easily. Allowing more real time interactions and business information to used/shared, thus giving companies a more competitive edge.

  • I believe that artificial intelligence will have the biggest impact on my future career. I think that this will effect business in so many ways that we cannot even begin to imagine. AI may take over some of our human jobs, and make things become more productive. Technology will change so much therefore changing business and our economics.

  • While all three will change the dynamic of my future career, I believe cloud computing has major implications for me. As an international business major, I understand how important it will be to collaborate with other stakeholders around the world. Before cloud computing, there were many barriers to doing international business because of language differences, time zones, and delayed communications. Cloud computing eliminates these cross-cultural barriers that we once encountered with traditional databases by allowing everyone to work in realtime. I think the challenge will be reconfiguring the business models of all the businesses who are moving to cloud based systems.

  • I think that cloud computing will have the biggest impact on my future career. Working is customer support I cannot see AI being able to handle irate customers, but the ability to share knowledge instantly in the cloud is paramount. Being able to send slide shows, presentations, customer data, customer discrepancies to the field and technical reps will help organizations in serving the customer better. Also, having that data available on the cloud to be analyzed will promote efficiency. It can be pulled anytime and instantly and you won’t have to shut an office down while they compile the data as in the past.

  • Because I work in higher education I do not think my organization could use technology to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace for a long period of time. Schools are competing for the same population, and the leverage that one school has over another would be short lived until the next innovation comes along. I think all colleges use some form of cloud computing, because it would be too costly to build their own platform. I think Artificial Intelligence may be able to teach classes, conduct business processes, and analyze data, but when it comes to dealing with students with personal issues a human touch is required.

  • Artificial intelligence is absolutely on its way to making the largest impact on organizations in the business world. Businesses could use the advantages of AI in many ways such as eliminating human employees and having machines do the work. I currently work for Wawa and would not be very surprised if the cashiering portion of my job became obsolete. There was a fast food establishment in my old neighborhood that had screens at their deli, just like Wawa, but you were able to pay at the screen instead of taking your slip up to a cashier.

  • I think in the more immediate future, platforms has the potential to have the biggest impact on my future career. I foresee a lot of new innovations in the platform market, and I would love to get in on the ground floor of a new platform. Looking further ahead, however, artificial intelligence will definitely have a bigger impact on everybody’s future careers. We are rapidly approaching a new era where machines will be able to do most jobs that humans do. I remember when I first became a real estate agent, my mentor told me that there was only so much time before a virtual agent would be more desirable than a human agent, so we better sell as many houses as we can before then. Lastly, I believe that all three of the topics can be leveraged to gain competitive advantages in the marketplace. Companies that utilize cloud computing can reduce their costs, companies that utilize platforms can increase sales, and companies that utilize artificial intelligence can both reduce costs and increase sales.

  • When referring to my present success and present career, I would say that cloud computing and platforms are what have the biggest impact on my job. Every day my organization uses cloud based computing. It allows us to store data, work remotely and have on demand access to all of our files. I use platforms such as Amazon to purchase many last minute items needed for specialty events. However it is hard to ignore, especially after learning more in this class, the fact that AI will have the largest impact on organizations in the future. Business can use AI to compute the quickest and most efficient way to get products in consumers hands. It can also evaluate unstructured data better than any human ever could. Hopefuly business will use this leverage for the greater good of human kind and not get overtaken by ASI.

  • This is a very hard choice but in the long run the greatest impact will be in my opinion artificial intelligent. As fast as the clock ticks, we are creating smarter and smarter computer systems that can and will out think and out do us. They do not need sleep/rest to run at optimum capacity. There will be a time that we will look back and say how did we allow this to go so far but for now, it can create items faster and in time, less expensive after the initial investment. One command can tell us information in record time with speeds even as fast as light. It is the future even if some of us are not ready or willing…

  • I cannot chose one individually however, as a student I believe I utilized cloud computing and platforms more and feel this will have the greatest impact. I appreciate cloud computing many advantages such as simplicity and ability to work with other programs such as google docs which is a lot different than what I grew up using. Platforms however, are used a lot in my career in the financial industry so its much easier to understand and appreciate its significance.

  • I would say platforms will continue to be the most important of the three for my career. Being in real estate and residential management we need to continue to utilize and take advantage of how social media leads the line with users and online traffic. It is a great way to get your name and brand out there with such a large audience without breaking the bank in advertising costs.

  • I’d say cloud computing for both questions. The 40 hour work week is gone because of this, employees can access the company database, their CRMs, their ERPs, their SCM, anything from anywhere as long as there is an internet connect. I already work remotely where ever I go as long as I have wifi. When I first started in sales in 07′ I could only access my company information and files if I was at the office. 10 years later I can access everything on my cellphone. Cloud Computer allows the entire company to be remote and also allows their customers to possible access a customer portal as well. This allows the customer to buy more stuff when they want to. The sky is the limit with the cloud! 🙂

  • Speaking from experience now, cloud based computing is something I use in multiple ways everyday. My company uses Quickbooks Online, Dynascape Manage 360, and Zoho CRM, all of which store information in the cloud. I am putting and retrieving information from these systems every single day. I also process our payroll through ADP, which is also cloud based. These systems make my job so much easier and help store all of the information I need in one place. The issue comes when our internet or the system goes down. I have had a few separate occasions where I have been unable to access information because I was unable to access the cloud.

  • As a student graduating in August, I feel could computing will have the biggest impact on my future career directly after graduation. Though I do believe that AI will eventually have a large impact as well. As I speak to others in my field I find many companies are already suing many cloud computing models such as salesforce. Even in our academic careers, cloud computing is becoming huge. For instance, as an online student, I frequently use google docs when I have a group assignment, allowing all of us to work on a document simultaneously. As far as competitive advantage, a cloud computing system dramatically increases the functionality of a supply chain and can improve the just in time calculations necessary for a business to be successful.

  • All three categories are important factors to the current and future operations for business worldwide. I am starting my own business catering the “experience” of a particular hobby/passion. I feel that cloud computing would best serve for the overall health of my business than the other two options, although AI is always a nice addition to any organization. Artificial Intelligence is a sure way for companies to gain possible competitive advantages over other businesses. With technological advances leaping forward every couple of years, AI gives businesses the present and future competitive edge to maintain their relevance among each other.

  • I think of the three, cloud computing will have the biggest impact on my future career. It is already making my job easier and as it advances I feel certain programs will become even more innovated. Platforms would run a close second, if not an even win. I also feel that as there are more and more new platforms pop up, they will motivate each other to make new and improved changes that will help support my future career path.

  • Artificial Intelligence will play a major role in most people’s careers. Most organizations will be trying to use A.I. in its many different ever expanding capacities to increase efficiency, reduce costs (especially labor) and this will have an impact to some extent in almost every field. This will eventually change the way most aspects of our economy function, therefore the concepts of careers and earning money as we know them present day will probably be dramatically altered by the time I am maybe retiring in 40 years.

  • I believe that platforms will play a major role in the healthcare field. It creates a better and more organized way to keep track of a patient’s history, creates less room for error and increase tracking policy compliance. We would be able to create a better visual to insurance companies that will help generate the cost of care and the outcome of the care in a way that a healthcare provider would not be able to do. It can help to keep the financial records of patients up-to-date and reduce the data error as well.

  • I think Artificial Intelligence will have the biggest influence over all careers. I had no idea how close we were to actually having ASI, and I do think it’s a bit unsettling to think in my lifetime we will see the rise of such a robotic era. While Artificial Intelligence is still under the control of humans, it provides leverage for almost all companies to benefit from. Simple AI features are found right in our phones and even non-business users are interacting with AI. On a larger scale, companies with the most resources will be able to benefit most from AI because technology does not come cheap! The companies who have the capital to spend on advancing their technology we gain the competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • In my opinion, I think cloud computing will have the biggest impact in my future career since it has already played an important role of my life and made my jobs or studies much convenient than ever before. I got my back up plans on cloud and don’t have to worry if any troubles happen. And especially cloud computing allows me to work anywhere and whenever I want with the connection of Internet, which is very flexible

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