instructor: Aaron Zhi Cheng, Section 003


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# Assignment Due Date 
1 ER Modeling

A Checklist for Drawing ERD

September 17
2 SQL #1 – Getting Data out of the Database [Answer Sheet] September 28

(before class)

Bonus Creating Schemas [Optional] October 1
3 SQL #2 – Putting Data into the Database October 10
4 ETL and Pivot Tables in Excel

Data: ETL Workbook

October 17
5 Introduction to working with R

Data and R Code

November 7
6 Decision Trees

[Instructions / Data and R Code /Answer Sheet]

November 15
7 Clustering

[Instructions / Data and R Code /Answer Sheet]

November 27
8 Association Rules

[Instructions / Data and R Code /Answer Sheet]

Changed to

December 4