instructor: Aaron Zhi Cheng, Section 003

In-Class Activities

In-class activities are very hands-on in nature, where students will be expected to work with various examples and data sets based on instructions and class discussions.

After we complete the in-class activities during class, you are required to submit your solutions through Canvas.

You are allowed to miss two submissions for in-class activities. Deliverables from in-class activities will be graded by success or fail. Missed or late submissions will receive a zero (fail) grade. (Note: Equipment failure is not an acceptable reason for turning in a deliverable late.)


No. Module In-Class Activities (ICAs)
0.1 Introduction No ICAs
0.2 Information Architecture of an Organization No ICAs
1 Relational Data Modeling ICA #1.1: Identifying entities and attributes

(Instructions / Answer Format)

ICA #1.2: Creating an entity relationship diagram (ERD)

(Instructions / Answer Format)

ICA #1.3: Converting ERDs to schemas

(Instructions / Schema Template / Answer Format)

2 SQL 1: Getting Information Out of a Database ICA #2.1: Pen-and-Paper Query Exercise

(Instructions and Answer Format)

ICA #2.2: SQL Part 1

(Instructions / Answer Format)

3 SQL 2: Putting Information Into a Database ICA #3: SQL Part 2

(Instructions / Answer Format)

4 Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) ICA #4: ETL – Excel Basics

(Slides / Instructions and Answer Format)

5 Dimensional Data Modeling ICA #5: Pivot Tables in Excel

(Data / Instructions)

6 Principles of Data Visualization ICA #6.1: Data Visualization Principles

(Data / Instructions / Presentation Template)

ICA #6.2: Creating Infographics

(Data / Instructions)

7 Advanced Analytics and R ICA #7: Descriptive Statistics Using R & RStudio

(Slides / Instruction / Data & R Code)

8 Classification Using Decision Trees ICA #8: Decision Trees in R

(Instruction / Data & R Code)

9 Clustering ICA #9: Clustering Using R

(Instruction / Data & R Code)

10 Association Rules ICA #10.1: Computing Confidence, Support, and Lift


ICA #10.2: Association Rules Using R

(Instruction / Data & R Code)