Temple University

Week 8

Since there’s no assigned readings (according to the syllabus), I thought I would share this interesting article:  “Office puts chips under staff’s skin”.

Epicenter, a new hi-tech office block in Sweden, are trying a new approach on how they conduct business. The company is implementing an RFID chip about the size of grain of rice under employee’s hand. This allows the 700 employees to access doors, photocopiers, pay in the café all with a touch of a hand.

Even though this is a great idea to allow the convenience of the employee, but what about the actual radio frequency of that chip? How easy is to re-direct the frequency towards that chip or to interfere with other frequencies? It looks like chips will soon replace wearable technology, but how safe and secure are they? I will leave that to future studies…to be continued.

For more information, feel free to access it here.


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