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Here are some of my interests!

My professional interests span across areas such as cryptocurrency and finance because I have always been wanting to involve myself in the investment field to create myself multiple sources of alternative income. I’m currently figuring out how stocks trading work so I can be on my way taking risks with my earnings.

Another aspect of interest is real estate, having rented different houses and apartments since I first came to this city, I have always been fascinated by how real estate management works. The idea of owning a property that gives you an extra source of income excites me, but of course that comes with a cost of investing in it and managing it. However, real estate would be a great area for me to get involved in the future. I also find flipping houses riveting. Back when I was still in Arkansas during my first year of Foreign Exchange Student Program, I watched a few property flipping shows on TV with my host parents such as Flip & Flop or Texas Flip and Move. That was where I found turning an old hideous house frame into a dream home. I get excited looking house interiors in IKEA or Target and the “before & after” comparison of a flipped house.

Sport-wise, I love playing basketball and swimming. I used to be on the basketball court 3 hours a day in middle school every single day and never stopped playing until the sun went down. I was very much into it that I practically thought that I was going to make it to the NBA, or at least NCAA. However, I didn’t turn out to be big-league tall, so the passion still lives. I’m from a tropical country, thus the heat is something that’s always there with me 24/7  all year round, so I also really enjoyed swimming because not only it keeps me from the scorching heat but also it is a tremendous form of exercise. I still went swimming here in America as often as I could until Covid-19 hit, then I had to stop.

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