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1. AIS mentorship programming was great professional development experience. I was a both a mentee and a mentor. I was paired with tremendous people that help me accomplish both my professional and technical goals. We had many meetings throughout the semester to discuss our professional interests and tips as well as participating in events such as career fair or webinars together. As a mentor, I assist my mentee with technical knowledge and useful tips to better study and apply in different courses such as MIS 2402 and MIS 2502.

2. AIS Technical Development was a highly beneficial activity that provided me with technical skills such as fundamentals of Python where I learned various elements of Python. There was a simple challenge at the end of the workshop where I the instructor walk me through a game called “hangman” that was programmed in Python. Python was also used in a web-scrapping workshop whose main focus was to extract raw data from the web using Python. I really enjoyed the technical development workshop because it was exciting learning and expanding my technical skill set.

3. The Third-party Risk Management webinar was also a riveting profession development activity that I participated. I have learned various trends in TPRM such as growing market interest, heightened board level attention, operating model evolution, technology shift, BI value and sector-based consortium; different kinds of risks associated with third-party vendors such as geopolitical risk when you do business in another country, regulatory and compliance risk that your vendor or supplier fails to comply with regulations resulting in your company to be non-compliant, fourth party risk where you third parties are engaged with other parties, and business continuity and resilience risk where a setback in third parties’ operation can affect your organization. I also learned about third party sourcing cycle and TPRM components how they are vital to a functional organization. This webinar gave me insights on the risk managing aspects of third parties that are associated with a business because liabilities and consequences involving risks management is lethal to a business, it can considerably affect the operation or even the very existence of a company.

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