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Here are some riveting facts about me!

I didn’t plan to go to America for college, it started out as a joke between me and my dad, it was sort of a spur of the moment. It all started in Arkansas, it was the first state I came to as a high school foreign exchange student. Even though I was unprepared for the journey I didn’t know I was going to embark upon, I am proud of myself today make the best out of what I have.

I came in third place in a public speaking contest in high school even though I was terrible at giving speeches in public or just simply in front of people. It was about patriotism and I did wrote a whole essay for it and tried to memorize the whole paper, however, that after 2 hours before the contest, I re-read the whole essay and thought it was not well-written enough and the ideas are intertwined with one another awkwardly, so I rewrote and re-memorize the whole paper just right before the competition. It turned out my memory was as good as I thought I should have been, so I read it from my phone, but with expressions. I still believe that’s how I won a third prize.

I started out with Cybersecurity as my major in Community College of Philadelphia, it was intrigued by the fact that I would some day be that cool “tech guy” that secures systems and controls the operation in the technological aspects in cinematic movies that I always see. However, afterwards, I realize those guys are always working for someone, so I thought to myself that I should involve in the business environment so after getting my degree I can start something on my own and run my own operations, or at least starting it with some partners. To me, there’s more value to owning something or working with someone else than working for somebody. Hence, I was looking for colleges that offered MIS major. I also applied to Drexel University as a Information Systems major but i chose Temple because of MIS.


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