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I am currently seeking internship opportunities. My technical skills obtained from Temple MIS program is definitely high applicable for positions that involve data analytics, data entry, or data visualization since I am familiar with MySQL workbench, MongoDB, Excel Spreadsheets, RStudios and I am now teaching myself Python, Tableau and PowerBI to furthermore fulfill my skills in data visualization and analytics. I would love to learn more about data analytics and visualization from the intern position, and working with hands-on projects will considerably help enhance my skills.

In addition to that, I’m also passionate about web development since MIS2402, MIS3406, MIS3506 and MIS3502 are my favorite courses where I got to work with APIs and EC2 instances to create multiple working applications such as the weather station, unit converter, and the rock, paper, scissors mini game. I strongly believe my skills in web development would be a great addition to any team, since I am always eager to learn and better myself and the foundational web developing skills that I already have such as RESTful APIs, Asynchronization, AWS cloud based service, Ajax calls, Database integration, and more. I would love to contribute to a real-life project where I get to practically work on a functional web application so that I can experience the back end of it. The assignments and projects I worked on in class are exciting but they are always safety measures and they are designed to be contained in a safe environment, a safe domain. A real-life project would have no such limit, even if I don’t get to directly work on it, observing and learning from the experienced web application engineers would be life-changing for me. It also would be great if the company offer mentorship so I can both learn and work on a real application with supervision.

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