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Digital Solutions Studio (MIS 3506)

This course began with the study of Norman’s design concepts and the effects of User Experience (UX) on consumers. This class was my favorite MIS class and was very relevant to the work I complete through IBIT digitization projects. I really enjoyed being able to build a website from scratch (on WordPress) and improve it over course of the semester through research, UX tests, and peer feedback. Here is a link to my work: Check it out!

Cloud Architecture (MIS 3406)

This course taught me how to deploy cloud-based applications through Amazon Web Services. Through in class exercises and a semester long project, I learned how to create EC2 instances, RDS instances, auto-scaling groups, and more. Now, I understand the importance of cloud computing and am prepared to use it in the professional world. Below is a link to my final project: Check it out!

Data Centric Application Development(MIS 2402)

This course was helped me expand and further develop my technical skills. I learned several web-based programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JQuery, and Javascript. This knowledge will be used to design simple web pages. I am also learning how to work with APIs, Ajax, and JSON to retrieve and post data to foreign servers.

Data Analytics (MIS 2502)

This course has helped me better understand how to process and analyze data. I have learned how to utilize MySQL to run queries and retrieve data found in transactional databases. Through the process, I have also learned how to create ERD’s, create database tables using Vertabelo, as well as specify cardinalities. I have gained experienced working with R studio and Tableau Prep. I really enjoyed this class and seeing how powerful data is and the importance behind learning how to analyze data to make meaningful business related decisions.

Data Science (MIS 0855)

Through this class, I learned how to analyze, store, and organize data in a manner that is visually appealing. I gained experience with Tableau, a data visualization software, as well as Microsoft excel and even Piktochart. This class has helped me better understand how to handle/present data in a manner that is both aesthetically pleasing and clear/concise, which is an essential skill for business.  Attached here is my final project.  Group12_Infographic Group 12_Slide

Honors Information Systems in Organizations (MIS 2901)

In this course, I learned how business business leverage and utilize IT and data analytics to improve functionality, user experience, revenue, etc… I learned about the crucial elements of the Information Systems world such as cybersecurity, data management and visualization. Additionally, I learned how to illustrate and explain business processes through decision trees, and swimlane diagrams.

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