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Mentorship Program

Fall 2019:

Taking part in the AIS mentorship program was a great experience that really added to my Sophomore year here at Temple University. This semester I was paired with Caroline Doyle, who has been a great mentor and resource. I am so glad to have met such a hardworking and friendly person that has been so helpful in understanding more about the MIS department here at Temple as well as AIS in general. All our mentorship meetings have been so useful and engaging, with specific regards to planning course schedules. In addition, Caroline has helped me outside her mentor role, and has introduced me to her connections for possible internship opportunities. I am so glad to have participated in the mentorship program, and very grateful to have been paired with Caroline.

Spring 2020:

This semester I was paired with Caroline again. We were able to continue our friendship through the mentorship program and I was able to grow so much this semester. Although our semester was moved online, I was still able to seek out advice from Caroline. Throughout this semester, I have learned so much about MIS/AIS in general as well as grow so much as a student through the mentorship program.

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