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Microsoft Teams Implementation

Advisor: Richard Flannagan

Other team members: Jason Mays

Scope: Greensgrow Farms (GGF) is the oldest urban farm in the country.  As a small organization they are having difficulty keeping their information technology up-to-date.   They are interested in moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud to save money and improve effectiveness. Our team recommends the use of Microsoft Teams to move all internal operations to the cloud. Microsoft Teams best fits GGF’s requirements. The implementation of MS Teams is well suited for GGF because of its low cost, yet still effective and efficient cloud storage and communication tool.   

Our recommendation: We recommend going with the Office 365 Nonprofit Business Premium because we believe it is in GGF\’s best interest to have a subscription to desktop applications and Office for tablets. GGF currently has Office on its workstations which would cost significantly more to upgrade than an annual total of the $2/user/month fee. Furthermore, our understanding is that GGF currently has tablets for their garden centers and retail locations which would mean Office for tablets could prove to be helpful. Also, having a subscription to desktop applications will allow GGF user’s to work remotely without access to the internet. 

Reflection: Greensgrow Farms (GGF) is a small local business that has been having difficulty keeping their technology operations up-to-date. GGF is interested in moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud via Microsoft Teams. Our role as IBIT consultants was to identify GGF’s key requirements for moving to the cloud in order to determine what MS 365 package (from TechSoup) would best fit the organization. In addition, we crafted a written report that detailed our recommendation on implementing and organizing MS 365 and teams, specifically for GGF. Through our research and recommendation, we discovered MS 365 was optimal for GGF due to the fact that it was an effective,efficient cloud storage and communication tool that fit their budget constraints. Overall, I had a great experience on this project and was happy to be able to learn more about MS Teams (which I had never previously worked with) as well as complete meaningful and valuable work to the local community in a time of need.

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