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Normandy Alberti

Normandy Alberti is a designer high-heel brand that has just recently launched their brand. Normandy (Owner and Founder) was interested in improving upon her existing Shopify website and improving functionality. She was also looking to get help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media pointers/minor improvements. My role as an IBIT consultant was to audit her current site, make improvements/recommendations, and implement the new changes onto her site. The website became the outline for my partner, Carly Civello, to implement her SEO descriptions and improvements for the new images. I was able to completely redesign her website and the functionality behind placing an order. Overall, I had a great time working on this project and was happy to apply the things I am learning in my UX design class to the website redesign. The client was very happy with the deliverables and I was glad to complete valuable and meaningful work to take her brand to new heights. The new website can be viewed at I’m so glad my advisor, Rich Flanagan, placed me on such an interesting project.


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