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Frame-by-frame golf swing

My passion for the game of golf came about when I was merely 6-years-old.  From the second I hit my first golf ball, I knew that golf was going to play a large part in my life.  From age 11 until I graduated high school, I competed in 2-5 tournaments per week throughout the year.  I was very fortunate to have parents that supported me every step of the way, and were willing to drive all over the map to watch me compete and cheer me on.

My dream was always to become a Division 1 Athlete, and I am proud to say that my hard work, passion, and determination resulted in numerous Division 1 scholarship offers to play golf.  Nonetheless, in March of 2011 I signed my National Letter of Intent committing to Temple University to play golf and enjoyed a very successful career as a Division 1 scholarship athlete.




High School Golf AchievementsHigh School Golf



Temple Golf

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J. Wood Platt

  • Dawn-To-Dusk is an event to raise money for the J. Wood Platt Caddy Scholarship Trust.  The inaugural 12-hour marathon is an all-day event that gives locals from the Golf Association of Philadelphia (GAP) a chance to give back and raise money toward a scholarship that helps local caddies entering his or her freshman year of college.
  • I played a total of 146 golf holes in just 12 hours, and raised $5,178 toward the scholarship for the J. Wood Platt Caddie Scholarship Trust.
  • With the help of 838 sponsors, and 16 golfers who played a total of 1,502 holes, a grand total of roughly $89,690 was raised for the J. Wood Platt Caddy Scholarship Trust.

Golf: Dawn-to-Dusk Marathon exceeds expectations


Ever since I was a young boy, I have always enjoyed solving puzzles.  I thoroughly enjoy challenging myself and as a result, problem solving has become one of my strongest skills.

Over the years I have learned that there are 4 key strategies to solving puzzles or problems.Puzzle

  1. Take a step back and define the issue.
  2. Generate various alternatives.
  3. Evaluate the alternatives and make a selection
  4. Implement your solution to solve the puzzle or problem.

In accordance with my interest in solving puzzles and problems, the television show “House M.D.” has become one of my favorite shows.  The show is about an extremely intelligent doctor who is addicted to solving the puzzles associated with his patients illnesses.  Dr. House is a brilliant man, however, his tactics can are rendered immature and unorthodox.

In my opinion, thinking outside of the box or in an unorthodox manner when attempting to solve puzzles and problems gives you the opportunity to see an issue from various perspectives.  Thus, generating more creative alternatives.


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  • Paul, I really enjoy your section about puzzles. I’m a firm believer in thinking outside of the box via puzzles! I myself completed a 10,000 piece puzzle, some would refer to me as a puzzle extraordinaire.

  • I think that it is awesome you have had such a great golf career at such a young age! Golf is game that tests both ones physical and mental toughness while competing which can only benefit you in life. I hope that your successes on the golf course do translate into success in other aspects of your life to come. Good job Paul, keep up the good work!

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