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Intern – Business Intelligence & Analysis Department

Currently, I am an Intern with the Business Intelligence & Analysis Department at ReminderMedia in King of Prussia, PA.  ReminderMedia has since been providing unique and top of the line client follow-up tools for many industries. Referral-based businesses benefit greatly from products like American Lifestyle magazine

My responsibilities include:


  • Proactively identify business opportunities and ways to increase efficiency in the organization.
  • Leverage data to improve on the quality of sales leads by through various methods of intelligence gathering.
  • Aid in the management and development of the Sales department’s lead pipeline by monitoring, distributing and improving sales campaigns.
  • Identify opportunities to develop data-driven analyses to drive marketing and sales efforts around customer acquisition and conversion.
  • Discover new opportunities to improve the business through various different data and lead sources.
  • Improve and streamline processes regarding data flow and data quality to improve data accuracy, viability and value.
  • Identify and evaluate potential data sources.
  • Identify, prioritize, and track data quality issues.
ReminderMedia Website


Below are a few photos of my experience as an Intern with ReminderMedia.  In addition, I included an example of a workflow mapped out using Business Process Modeling Notation.







Golf Caddy

Golf has always been a big part of my life.  At age 12, I would do anything to be around the game of golf, so my dad signed me up for an introductory course on the duties and responsibilities of a caddy at Old York Road Country Club.

As a caddy, my job entails accommodating members and/or guests by any means necessary.  Some of my responsibilities include:

  • Carrying two golf bags
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Providing advice or strategy
  • Calculating distances to various landmarks
  • Guaranteeing satisfaction during their round of golf.

Caddy ComboAfter 10 years of caddying, my work ethic, interpersonal skills, and problem solving abilities have evolved immensely.  In order to be a successful caddy, I must conduct myself in a positive and enthusiastic manner, while demonstrating a significant amount of hustle.  At Old York Road Country Club, I am recognized as “A” Caddy – which indicates that I am a Caddy with substantial experience and I am frequently recommended by other golfers.








Website Designer

During the Summer of 2014, a Logistics company that my uncle worked for was looking for a website designer.  The founder of the company reached out to me, and asked if I would be interested and I jumped at the opportunity.  Using what I’ve learned in several computer classes at Temple, and my experience in building my e-portfolio, I successfully created Custom Made Logistics’ company website.

My duties included improving my work, continued maintenance, and updating any aspect of the website that Mr. Davolos asked of me.





SugarHouse Casino

Guest Services Associate
“Philadelphia’s First Casino”

During the summer of 2014, I became a member of the SugarHouse team!  I work in the Guest Services Call Center during which I answer any questions that patrons and/or new guests may have regarding their accounts or the casino in general.  In addition, I assist various departments with assorted projects that test my skills with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and WordPress.  My latest project is to maintain and update the SugarHouse Team Intranet (internal website).

Best Places To WorkSugarHouse Casino Ground Breaking

               SugarHouse Casino – Best Places To Work 2013       SugarHouse Casino Breaks Ground for $164M Expansion

SugarHouse Casino Before Expansion

(Before Expansion)

SugarHouse Casino Expansion

(After Expansion)





Campus Chief Operations Officer – Temple University Division

Flashnotes is a website where students can buy and sell self-created notes to both earn some extra money and develop more productive study habits.  In the Spring of 2014, I identified and communicated the potential market for Flashnotes at Temple University.  I contacted the CEO of Flashnotes and was immediately offered the position of Campus COO of Flashnotes – Temple University division the next day.  As Campus COO, it was my responsibility to manage and lead all Flashnotes operations at Temple University.


During my junior year, I successfully launched a business at Temple University during which I recruited, interviewed, and hired a  team comprised of notetakers, recruiters, and marketers.  By implementing the knowledge I have gained as a student in the Fox School of Business, my team and I achieved 700+ sales, 450+ buyers of assorted study materials, and $5,500+ in sales (gross).  In addition, we received numerous emails thanking us, applauding our mission, and saluting our efforts to help the student body of Temple University study more efficiently.

Flashnotes Collage


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