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Learn to Defend Against Multi-Stage Network Breaches

Webinar hosted and presented by NetCom Learning, an accredited training partner of EC-Council, which provides a multitude of training and certification programs to upskill teams and assist them in their performance to improve job efficiency across various levels.

Speaker: Sheikh Raashid, Cybersecurity Trainer at NetCom Learning


Data and cybersecurity breaches occur in organizations daily, capable of costing over $3 million dollars, a value that can negatively impact businesses and their position in the market. To prevent and handle these crucial security breaches, it is imperative for businesses to build a strong foundation for cybersecurity by upskilling their teams. 

The webinar provided valuable information regarding the prevention and solutions when faced with a multi-stage network attack. The speaker demonstrated the required skills to defend organizations that undergo such extreme cybersecurity breaches by deploying the appropriate countermeasures. A thorough understanding of the forensic investigation is critical to perform a proper analysis as a form of prevention and resolution of such security attacks. The three key techniques to perform forensic analysis are preparation/extraction of relevant data, identification of security breaches, and analysis to progress the possible solutions to the attacks.

This webinar is relevant to my career as it prepares me for future situations that I can be involved in regarding security breaches. It helps me get a better understanding of the risks and solutions that resolve network attacks regardless of the severity of the technical circumstance.

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