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NetCom Learning Webinar || How to Prevent Social Engineering Attacks In 40 Minutes

NetCom Learning presented a webinar focusing on ways to recognize the signs of a social engineering attack and the steps to prevent it. Social engineering accounts for 57% of cyberattacks, according to Forbes as mentioned in the webinar, on small businesses inferring that such attacks are on the rise. It is one of the most common ways hackers get access to your company’s network, and it is crucial for businesses to know how to prevent them. We received a rundown on the most common social engineering attacks and how to prevent them. This educational class was led by a CompTIA-certified instructor, who provided teams with important information such as the occurrence of a social engineering attack, the most common types of social engineering attacks, and how they work.

As a future business professional, it allows me to develop on building skills and expertise in social engineering attacks and how to identify when one is occurring, types of social engineering attacks, and how to prevent and protect against such cyber attacks.

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