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NetCom Learning Webinar || Accelerate your Business growth with Microsoft Power BI

NetCom Learning presented a webinar led by Usama Khan, a Senior Technologist and International Speaker for Enterprise Cloud Technologies, dicussing how to master the techniques to empower a business with business intelligence applications like Power BI in today\\\’s evolving technology industry. The focal purpose of the webinar was to answer how Power BI is such a powerful tool that helps users create interactive visualization using business intelligence. It furthered my understanding of what Power BI is and led me to gain a thorough comprehension of its various applications.

The webinar covered:

  • The role and importance of Power BI and how it is used in the ever-evolving technology industry
  • An interactive interface using
  • A live visual demonstration of a Power BI Desktop
  • Core Power BI Applications and the relevance of Power BI Licensing

As a future business professional, it allows me to develop on building the skills and expertise of Power BI, as its purpose is to turn raw data into effective visual statements using real-world scenarios. I was able to learn to build simple visual boards and create sophisticated reports that today’s premiere organizations require.

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