Robert J. Gonnella, III

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2019


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MIS 2101: Information Systems Organizations

This was the introductory class to the Management Information Systems major. In this class I learned the foundations of some of the different skills that I would come to use throughout my academic career in the MIS major. Before taking this class I was an undecided business student, but after taking it, I found a major in which I could see myself excelling. After the semester that I took this class, I declared MIS as my major.

MIS 2501: Enterprise IT Architecture

Enterprise IT Architecture taught me the ins and outs of creating and configuring a network as well as how to diagnose and address problems. I worked with the Microsoft Azure platform to create and utilize virtual machines in the assembly of my virtual network. In addition to the creation of my network, I also developed my writing skills in writing flash research papers. These papers were persuasive in nature and outlined the business value and technical advantages of different technologies that I was asked to learn about. Some examples of the papers that I’ve written can be found here.

MIS 2502: Data Analytics

Data Analytics taught me how to interpret and read data. In this class I utilized MySQL, Microsoft Excel, and R to aid in the analysis of different sample data sets. Through the power of these different applications I was able to extract useful information from the sample data sets to see things like customer buying patterns, being able to glean that type of information from raw data is a skill that will prove useful in my professional career. In addition to working with the sample data sets, I was given the opportunity to do a research write up on artificial intelligence that can be viewed here.

MIS 2402: Data-Centric Application Development

Data-Centric Application Development is a class in which I learned how to create dynamic web pages that can perform different functions. First, with HTML I learned how to create the basic web page. Next, with CSS I learned how to style the pages in a way that is more visually appealing than basic HTML formatting would be. Finally, with JavaScript I learned how to add functionality to a web page. This class challenged me to thing critically about how to add logic to my code. It was also my first real introduction to programming, and I ended up excelling in it.

MIS 3506: Digital Solutions Studio

Digital Design and Innovation Studio is the class in which I learned how to be a business analyst. Learning by doing is one of the best ways to really comprehend a topic, at least for me, and that is what I did in this class. With my group, Gigster, I worked on the development of a real solution to a business need of an actual client. My group and I worked through the development of a solution from beginning to end. This process included interviewing the clients, creating documentation outline the scope of the project, and creating a prototype. I, along with two other group members, used an application called JustInMind to create a functional prototype to show off our solution to the client.

MIS 3502: Application Integration and Evaluation

Application Integration and Evaluation is the class in which I learned how to apply some of the skills I learned in MIS 2402. I worked with a partner to create a dynamic web application mockup called RentZen. This class was very difficult for me to start because it relied heavily on the PHP coding language, for which the course was discontinued before I could take it. Though it was difficult, my skills in JavaScript and my partner’s skills in PHP combined to make a functional web application.

MIS 3535: Lead Global Digital Projects

Lead Global Digital Projects is the sequel to MIS 3506. In this class I worked with my teammates to be project managers for our team, Bora Bora, who were taking 3506. We learned about how to take the lead on a project and develop the deliverables necessary to manage a project effectively.

Professional Achievements

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