Robert J. Gonnella, III

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2019


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RMI 2101: Introduction to Risk Management

This was the introductory class to the Risk Management & Insurance major. Prior to taking this class I had exactly zero interest in anything about the insurance industry. After taking this class, that all changed, I found a new love. The material just seemed to make sense to me and convinced me to add RMI as a second major. The things we learned in this class layed the foundation for the things I would go on to learn in RMI 3501 and RMI 3502.

RMI 3501: Managing Human Capital Risk

Managing Human Capital Risk is one of two classes in Risk Management & Insurance’s “Boot Camp.” In this class I learned about employee benefits. From the different types of benefits that can be offered by employers in the form of insurance to government legislation such as ERISA, HIPAA, and the ACA. The course ended with a group project applying my newly acquired knowledge to analyze the benefits plan of an ACA qualified employer.

RMI 3502: Managing Property Liability Risk I

Managing Property Liability Risk I is the second of the two classes in Risk Management & Insurance’s “Boot Camp.” This course material of this class outlines the operations of an insurance company. We learned first about how stock, mutual, and captive insurers operate before we learned about some of the different types of coverages that would be provided on the property and liability side.

RMI 3504: Managing Property Liability Risk II

Managing Property Liability Risk II taught me about insurance contracts. In this class, I learned not only how to read an insurance contract, determine what is and is not covered, and what exclusions apply, but also how to confer a coverage opinion based on that knowledge. A project was assigned to us in which we had to take a scenario, real or fictional, and apply a real insurance contract to it to see what losses in the scenario would be covered and why.

RMI 3567: Managing International Risk

Managing International Risk taught me about the ways in which insurance operated abroad. I learned about insurance practices all over the globe: from the EU, to ASEAN, to Latin America, and many others. The class seemed to have a focus in property and casualty, but also touched on several life and health benefits plans around the world.

Professional Achievements

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