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About Me

Welcome to my E-Portfolio! 

My name is Reuben Ratnum and I am a junior majoring in both Finance and Management Information Systems at Temple University. I have always been a numbers person, I was the one kid that actually enjoyed math classes. In high school I had a teacher persuade me to actually take a Personal Finance class, which I wound up enjoying. That led me to taking even more business courses in high school which is what allowed me to decide to my major in Finance. I decided to major in Management Information Systems in my sophomore year when I started to take two MIS courses and was very interested in learning more. I am really looking forward to gaining new skills and having new experiences at Temple!


Current Endeavors

Even though I am still a junior and a new MIS major I still try to get involved whenever I am able. I am currently serving as the Vice President for Temple’s chapter of The Institute of Management Accountants which caters to both Accounting and Finance majors. I am also currently a tutor at a Kumon center that teaches various levels of math and english to kids of various ages. This past summer, I had the opportunity of being accepted into Microsoft’s mentorship program where I was paired with my own two mentors and the opportunity to learn about all the programs that Microsoft uses, and was able to participate in my first ever Hackathon.


Thank you for taking the time to look at my E-Portfolio! Feel free to connect with me through email at or LinkedIn.



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