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MIS 0855: Data Science.- Employment Status in Correlation to Level of Depression

Mental illness is a major issue that many people face, one of the major ones being anxiety and depression and luckily there is a lot more attention being brought to it these days. However, we wanted to see what the correlation would be between someone’s employment status and whether or not they have depression. We conducted this analysis through Tableau with data we pulled from a paid research survey from Kaggle. We further looked at factors such as age, gender, and level of education to see if that may have a significant role in the employment status and or depression status. We concluded that there is somewhat of a correlation between employment status and level of depression. Also there was a significant increase in the average depression rate for ages forty-five to sixty. There is also a higher depression rate for those with a higher school degree, masters’ or pursuing their masters’. We were able to present our sliding in a slideshow and piktochart.


Please feel free to check out our slideshow here or down below! Also feel free to look at our piktochart here!


Mental Health & Unemployment Presentation from ReubenRatnum
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