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AIS Student Chapter Leadership Conference

  1. This was conducted via AIS.
  2. It is a Student Chapter Leadership Conference hosted by AIS on April 9th and 10th.
  3. Something I learned from this workshop was about product management. This was very beneficial because I learned that product management is essentially a team owns a certain product and make essentially all the decisions involving that product, attempting to benefit both the company and customer as much as possible. I also learned about being a product leader and some of their key responsibilities. These responsibilities include the product vision, strategy, principles, priorities, and evangelism. I also learned about, the actual major importance of customer reviews and how it is an insight to your product. This is all beneficial because it can be applied for not only product managers but most leadership roles. I find these beneficial as a college student because I can apply these to any leadership roles that I have such as an e-board officer for IMA-T or even just a leadership position for a group project in one of my classes.
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