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MIS 2502 Class Project

Artificial Intelligence

Data analytics has become a very important part of how companies make decisions. Artificial intelligence (AI) is continuing to make similar strides. Artificial intelligence makes it possible for machines to learn from past experiences, adjust to new inputs, and perform human-like tasks for a user (SAS, 2018). Many of the artificial intelligence examples that you come across today perform tasks such as play chess, drive cars, and even answer Jeopardy questions. These forms of artificial intelligence rely on two main components: deep learning and natural language processing. By utilizing these components, computers can be trained to perform a variety of specific tasks. The way the artificial intelligence performs these tasks is by processing large amounts of data and recognizing patterns found within the data set (SAS, 2018).

MIS 2502 teaches students how to solve business problems by using data. Artificial intelligence would take that data and process it more efficiently for the user. Data is essentially talked about all semester however data visualization is mainly covered during the middle of the semester. Companies are starting to take advantage of the new artificial intelligence applications that are being built. These applications will make analytics and data-driven decision-making more obtainable, understandable, and easier to navigate for all business users (ZDNet, 2018). Companies like Google for example have already made technological investments in artificial intelligence. Google used “DeepMind” artificial intelligence to help drive down the cost of their hardware energy usage by 15%. Google now uses sensors to accurately and efficiently analyze each variable throughout all their data centers (Terdata, 2016). Google has cut down on costs for power in order to more efficiently run their data centers. The Artificial Intelligence applications created can help companies like Google more accurately depict and cut down on business costs through data.


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