Sean Baron

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2019


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Major: Management Information Systems

Graduation: December 2019



Thank you for looking at my E-Portfolio!

My name is Sean Baron. I am a hard working and motivated individual currently studying at Temple University. I consider my greatest strengths to be leadership and creativity. I love to interact with new people and I am also a fast paced learner.

I am currently working towards a major in Management Information Systems. I am extremely dedicated to academics as well as being involved in the Temple Community. My areas of interest include Computer Systems Analytics, Cyber-Security, and Data Analytics.

I am currently working as a Pharmacy Technician at Taylor and Delaware County Memorial Hospital. I believe it is important to work part time alongside being a student in order to receive the proper skills it takes to be a successful employee. During my current tenure as a Pharmacy Technician, I have gained much needed knowledge and skills in order to better myself as a dedicated employee. I am now more proficient in skills such as problem solving, customer service, and leadership. I am a goal oriented college student wishing to pursue an opportunity that encourages a challenging work environment, creative thinking, and structured work-place experience.

Professional Achievements

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