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WLSP: Product Management in AI

This presentation was by the company Smartling, the speaker was Jennifer Wong who was head of the AI strategy since 2018. She spoke about what product management was and how AI is currently being used right now to help customers of Smartling with their products and operations. She talked about the growing demand of research and how using AI for product/customer management is exciting because it feels as though youre at the front line of new tech issues and learning to solve them at the same time. The five pillars of product management which was the basis of the presentation were, vision and planning, stakeholder alignment, discover the problem and the solution, define and deliver, data analytics and feedback. These pillars she believed to be the most important in integrating AI into product management. This related to my passion with AI and my career with seeing someone working in a company in real life and using this tool in the reality of work life. I hope next semester I will see someone more meetings about AI.

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