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Interesting facts page!

Here are some interesting facts about me 🙂

A movie that I have watched over and over again has been Anamolisa, and I plan on watching it again when I figure out which streaming services currently has it!
I am currently watching Breaking Bad for the 6th time because it’s my favorite show.
I’ve lived in Bangladesh pretty much my whole life, and my family goes back and forth a lot between Bangladesh and Allentown.
The two apps that I definitely visit way too much are Instagram and YikYak.
My favorite things to do outside of class and work are coding my own personal projects and drawing.
I have two cats! I have a Bengal cat named Bucket and an all-black cat named Pot Roast. 🙂
The collect thing I’ve ever done is that I actually run a pretty large community Instagram page for Temple. I remain anonymous on it, but I really love that I’ve been able to gather a community of Temple students to one page to just share funny posts with.

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