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My Experience At United States Liability Insurance (USLI)

I have been working at USLI as an IT Developer Intern since October 2022, and my experience so far has been incredibly fulfilling and eye-opening. My average day of clocking into work comprises reading and writing code, debugging, discussing the projects and technologies I am working on with my colleagues, and keeping my leaders up to date with my work and the next steps. My work so far has allowed me to go into coding languages and topics beyond the scope of MIS and more in the computer science realm – like C#, Object Oriented Programming, VB.NET, TypeScript, XML, etc. It was initially overwhelming to learn so many new coding languages at once, but my MIS classes helped me a lot with understanding them.

My MIS background and continued experience with USLI allow me to be a well-rounded developer. My business and MIS classes help me understand the need for technological solutions to business problems, and my internship gives me a leg up by letting me create those solutions in other languages. I always apply what I learn in my classes to my internship, even outside coding. One of our newer projects requires us to go through the whole UX process, including conducting user research and creating prototypes. I can apply my learning from my UX and marketing classes here. My internship has been a significant learning experience and continues to challenge me and enhance my critical thinking skills. This will open many doors for me, and I am excited to see where it takes me!

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