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Figma Essential Training: The Basics

I completed the LinkedIn Learning Course Figma Essential Training: The Basics by Brian Wood over the Summer of 2023 to prepare for my Fall 2023 ITA position for MIS 3506. I learned the fundamentals of Figma, such as creating frames, shapes, drawings, styles, components, instances, etc. I learned how to use these Figma tools to develop a comprehensive design for any interface and also went over the basics of prototyping. With everything I learned from this course, I can copy existing designs, create original designs and explore the Figma community to continue learning the app.

This is related to my coursework and career because I took MIS 3506 myself, and at the time, the course used WordPress for designing and prototyping. Even though WordPress is widely used and essential to know, I couldn’t leverage the latest industry tech. This gives me a leg up in the field, and as I relearn the concepts from 3506, I can apply them to Figma. Even though this course is only a couple of years old, some aspects are outdated. I had to dedicate some time to solving these problems so I am equipped with solutions to possible questions or confusions students may have if this LinkedIn Learning course is used to teach the fundamentals of Figma.



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