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Generative AI for Business Leaders

The Generative AI for Business Leaders LinikedIn Learning course by Tomer Cohen was a great supplementary resource to the AI in the Workplace course I am taking this semester. Cohen goes over the importance of defining business objectives before integrating AI into the business, selecting an AI model that aligns with those business goals, understanding the technology yourself before teaching it to your team, and fine-tuning your data for particular use cases. There are a lot of parallels between this course and my MIS class activities, such as the importance of feeding data to AI (supervised and unsupervised data), prompt engineering, how repeated or potentially creative tasks can be automated with AI, and weaknesses of AI such as AI hallucinations, the fact that the neural network of AI is still a black box to us, and the need for more amount of and more nuanced data. Overall, this was a great source to reinforce my classroom knowledge.

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