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Introduction to Conversational AI

Introduction to Conversational AI by Ian Barkin was a quick but informative watch. With the rapid growth of language model AI, I must keep up to date with how this technology works. This course taught me about Natural Language Understanding (NLU), when the AI algorithm works on understanding the text input, and Natural Language Generation (NLG), when the AI algorithm creates an output based on NLU. Conversational AI also engages in Reinforcement Learning, which is when the AI learns from its previous dialogue. NLU, NLG, and Reinforcement Learning are part of Natural Language Processing (NLP), the set of algorithms and techniques used to develop conversational AI. 

This course also goes over the business uses of conversational AI. Any field that requires human interaction, such as customer service, has space for conversational AI. Through text and voice conversation AI can create long-term value in health, HR, finance, insurance, etc. There are many things to consider when implementing AI in business solutions. Does our company have a reputation for implementing new technology well? Is it within our budget to do so? What conversational function is it going to target? 

Even though this course is a brief introduction to a vast and expanding topic, it gives me a good foundation on what goes under the hood of conversational AI, and its business impacts. Because I understand the basics of this technology, I can conduct more informed and narrow research on specific topics to help me understand it better. 

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