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IBIT Digital Leader Fireside Chat – Christopher Kearns

The IBIT event that I decided to visit was one that had guest speaker, Chris Kearns, publicly speak to us about how digital transformation has drastically impacted his job at NBC Universal; with relevance to the Covid-19 pandemic. Such event took place from 1pm – 2pm on 11/6/2020, which took place through use of a Zoom Webinar. One thing that I learned from such IBIT fireside chat is that many industries/organizations; like that of Chris’ company, are having immense trouble moving people back to their traditional “brick and mortar” office being that many people currently feel like they can do their jobs better/ more efficiently without even having to go into the office. In addition to such, I learned that some companies were more inclined to behave reactively; instead of proactively – as it relates to the pandemic. Being that most of the jobs at his company has shifted online, he mentioned that it is extremely difficult to truly measure how efficient people are truly being in this virtual environment compared to that of when everyone was back in the office. Such discussion relates to that of my career goals as Chris essentially gave us a very detailed understanding of what the IT industry is truly looking like in the real world at the moment, thus I feel that such information that he shared with us was extremely relevant. Being that I am one who looks to one day find myself working in the IT industry, I feel like Chris essentially discussed with us some in-depth ways that covid has strongly shaped the industry – facets that are extremely important for someone like myself to know.

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