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Turn Social Distancing Into an Opportunity to Create Social Closeness

  1. Turn Social Distancing Into an Opportunity to Create Social Closeness
  2. Fall 2021
  3. Temple University
  4. Such event was held on 11/11/21 from that of 1pm-2pm
  5. Within such webinar, Bessie Pescio (VP at PMI) spoke to us about that of how her company went about pursuing addressing that of the transition of her company\’s employees/teams. Being that Covid has placed that of many physical boundaries between people, Bessie expressed the importance of ensuring that her employees all maintain high quality levels of internal communication with one another – regardless of being virtual. With this in mind, Bessie went on to inform us about the \”New York Times Wellness Challenge\” and how she essentially went about implementing that into her company to improve employee communication. Besides all of this, we also had the opportunity to learn a little bit more about Bessie – as well as her background and how she got to where she is now.
  6. Such activity relates to that of my coursework as Bessie\’s implementation of a new facet to better improve that of workforce communication is something that is obviously essentially in that of any workplace. Within my most recent MIS courses, we have begun to learn some of the deeper fundamentals of how important collaboration is within projects/the workplace – of which Bessie validated such point through that of her experience.
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