Weiming He

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: 2017


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Course description

In this course you will learn how to analyze business problems from a design perspective and how to develop innovative solutions. We will use a semester project for a real client as the vehicle for “learning by doing.” Assuming the role of Business Analyst, you will learn various techniques including stakeholder analysis, business rules analysis, and data and process modeling. You will learn to apply different techniques to elicit requirements which will define the problem and what a solution should look like. Finally, you will work in teams to analyze an actual problem, prototype a solution using Justinmind software and present your proposed solution to the client.


our semester project is for BeHeardPhilly (BHP), a civic engagement platform to crowd source public participation in surveys and studies. According to their website: BeHeardPhilly is a group of Philadelphia residents who have voluntarily agreed to have their voices heard by researchers interested in the thoughts, opinions, and behaviors of people in the City. BHP was recently launched by Temple’s Institute for Survey Research (ISR). Their goal is to create a participant database to provide full service data collection, research and evaluation for clients. Most of their clients are external organizations, such as the City of Philadelphia and nonprofit organizations, but they also serve Temple organizations and professors conducting research studies.

ISR envisions BeHeardPhilly as a civic engagement tool to enable city residents to have their voice heard on important issues. Although they offer incentives for participation, many participants are driven by contributing to positive change in the city and are interested in the potential outcomes from the data they provide.

This semester, we will be working with BHP to create the digital tools needed to serve their survey participants, clients and researchers.

Developing technology enabled web and mobile tools for PARTICPATION

  1. Creating account management tools for individuals to create profiles, set preferences, track survey participation, find surveys of interest
  2. Providing channels for distributing information about survey participation outcomes


  • Created a prototype of an account management system for participants to create profiles, set preferences, track survey participation, and find surveys of interest
  • Provided channels for BHP administrators to distribute survey participation outcomes online
  • Developed a rewarding points system for redemption of survey rewarding points

Professional Achievements

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