Managing Technology & Systems – Spring 2017

MIS 5402 – Prof. Min-Seok Pang

Links to Jan 14 Video Clips

Recommended Readings and Debate presentation slides

IVK Incident Explanation – Richard Nornhold.pdf

IVK Debate – Disclosure – Shiva Smith.pdf

IVK Debate – Non-Disclosure – Eisha Moore.pdf

Break Industry’s Bottlenecks – Jennifer Rawding.pdf

Platforms and the New Rules of Strategy – Xiaotao Pu.pdf

The Great Decoupling – Poonam Nangalia.pdf

Sign-Up for Presentations and Participation for Jan 14

For Jan 14, we will need presenters and debaters as follows. Please sign up! It is a first-come-first-serve. A presenter or a debater will get a waiver for one reading brief and participation credits.

When signing up, please mention which article you’d like to present or which role you’d like to play. If you don’t mention it, your sign-up will not count.

Presentations of a Recommended Reading

Presentation of IT Adventures Ch. 10 and 11

  • I am looking for someone with technology smart who can translate technical terms and jargons in IT Adventures Ch 10 and 11 to the classmates with business smart.


  • One debater who will argue that IVK should disclose the incidents in IT Adventures Ch 10. (I prefer someone who has experiences or backgrounds in legal.)
  • Another debater who will argue that IVK should NOT disclose the incidents. (I prefer someone with technology smart.)

Links to Jan 7 Video Clips

Schedule for Jan 7

Jan 7, 2017 Start End Minutes
Session 1-1 Introduction 8:00 9:10 70
Break   9:10 9:20 10
Session 1-1 Introduction 9:20 10:30 70
Break   10:30 10:40 10
Session 1-2 IT and Strategy 10:40 11:50 70
Lunch Break   11:50 12:50 60
Session 1-2 IT and Strategy 12:50 14:00 70
Break   14:00 14:15 15
Session 1-3 Value and Cost 14:15 15:25 70
Break   15:25 15:40 15
Session 1-3 Value and Cost 15:40 16:50 70
Wrap-up   16:50 17:00 10

See you tomorrow!

It’s tomorrow! I can’t wait to meet with you and have some fun. I have a few announcements.

Please come to the class on time. Even though it is expected to be at 24 degree tomorrow morning, we’ll start on 8 o’clock sharp, so that we can finish on time. If you are going to be late, please use the back door to enter the classroom so as to be courteous to your classmates.

It is required to read the required materials and complete all four reading briefs by 8AM tomorrow. Please submit your briefs to Blackboard (please do not email me). The briefs are to make sure we all read the articles, which would lead to fruitful discussions tomorrow.

Be advised that there are only a few power outlets in TUCC #521. We won’t need laptops for the whole day.

Thank you very much, and stay warm!

Looking for Volunteers for Presentations or Mock Interviews for Jan 7 (will be given a waiver for one reading brief)

For Jan 7, we need five volunteers for presentations and mock job interviews. The volunteers will be given participation credits and can skip one of the reading briefs (will receive a full credit for one brief).

Two volunteers will participate mock job interviews for a new CIO position at IVK. (I will provide guidelines and interview questions.)

  • One interviewee has to have majored IT, engineering, MIS, or related fields or have experiences in technology industries or IT development/management.
  • Another interviewee has to have any other business experiences.

Three volunteers will present one of the following recommended readings (for 5 minutes each). (I will provide guidelines.)

Session #2-3 – IT and Your Career – In-Class Discussion Questions

  • What’s “jobless recovery”? Why is this happening?
  • Why has the median family income not been rising while GDP was growing rapidly for the past 20 years?
  • What’s “skill mismatch”? Why is this happening?
  • What kind of jobs are vulnerable to technology development?
  • What kind of jobs are immune to technology development?
  • What would you say to your children about the impact of technology on jobs?
  • What would you say to your kid’s school principal about it?
  • What would you say to President-Elect Trump about it?
  • What would you say to yourself about it?

Session #2-2 – IT-Driven Competitive Strategies – In-Class Discussion Questions

  • What bottleneck do and Netflix eliminate?
  • What is a Long Tail?
  • Why could Betterment and Wealthfront be disruptive?
  • Why are Uber and Airbnb disruptive?
  • What are the examples of one-sided network effects?
  • What are the examples of two-sided network effects?
  • Why do men pay more at a night club than women?
  • What happend to EJ? How serious is this incident to Airbnb?
  • What are the examples of online reputation systems in other platforms?
  • What are the policies in Uber to manage the pool of drivers?
  • Should Airbnb actually find out hosts who racially discriminate and ban them from participating the platform?

Session #2-1 – IT Risk Management – In-Class Discussion Questions

  • If you were Mr. Barton, how would you explain the situation in Chapter 10 to your CEO, Mr. Carl Williams, in English?
  • If you were Mr. Barton, how would you explain the situation in Chapter 10 to Wall Street analysts you’re scheduled to meet today?
  • What do we know for sure? What are the things that we are not sure?
  • Did an attacker or attackers intrude inside of IVK’s systems?
  • Why do you think this happened? If the security upgrade project was funded and completed, could IVK have prevented this completely?
  • What are the roles of board of directors in a business?
  • What would happen if a CIO or IT managers receive no adult supervision or control? What if he/she can handle IT in any way he/she wants?
  • What should be among the preventative policies and procedures for a failure due to personal devices?
  • What are the three recovery options that IVK IT group is considering?
  • What are the reasons to disclose the security incidents? What would be the reasons not to disclose?
  • Why has Mr. Williams decided to do nothing and not to disclose the incident? What was his thinking?

Session #1- 3– Value and Cost of IT – In-Class Discussion Questions

  • How much do you think Otis has spent in Otisline and e*Logistics? How can we justify such a large amount of investments?
  • What are the business benefits of Otisline?
  • Who provides the IT budget at IVK? On what basis do the business units at IVK pay for IT?
  • Why had Mr. Davies, the former CIO, have to set up “slush funds”? How did he secure the slash funds?
  • Why is Mr. John Cho requesting an immediate funding on IT security? Why has the request for IT security funding kept being denied?
  • Do you know why there is no group assignment in this course?
  • What does Maggie, Mr. Barton’s girlfriend/consultant, mean by “one neck in the noose”?
  • How would you evaluate the IT funding process at VWoA? Is it better than the current process at IVK? How?

Session #1-2 – IT and Competitive Strategies – In-Class Discussion Questions

  • What is a competitive strategy?
  • What is a sustainable competitive advantage?
  • What does it mean by a bargaining power of buyers?
  • If there are so many competitors in your industry or your market, what would you do to better compete with them?
  • According to the case, which business is more profitable? Elevator manufacturing or service? Why?
  • How often do you change your doctor? Why?
  • Can you think of an example of bundle around us? Why do firms sell a bundle?
  • What are the improvements in customer service from OTISLINE?
  • What is BHAG (p. 5)? Why is this “quantum leap improvement” (p. 5) necessary?
  • How were things going before e*Logistics? How now are things going after e*Logistics? What are the improvements from e*Logistics?
  • What do they mean by “the management of information flows” (p. 8)? Why is it important?

Session #1-1 – Introduction – In-Class Discussion Questions

  • Why do you think MIS 5402 is a required course for Fox PMBA?
  • used to be an online retailer that sells stuff. Why did it start to make “stuff” in 2009?
  • What happened to Target in Dec 2013?
  • How likely is it that an IT disruption would happen to your company?
  • Which industry or company can operate without functioning IT in 2017?
  • Why do you hate your CIO or IT group at your company?
  • If you were Mr. Jim Barton, would you take the CIO offer from Mr. Williams?
  • Why did Mr. Davies warn Mr. Barton that he will not last more than a year?
  • Should a CIO be chosen among technically-trained managers or business-background managers?
  • Which skill is easier to learn? IT or Management?
  • What does it mean by “IT management is about management”?
  • What does it mean by “IT department is positioned to understand how the business works better than any other department”?
  • Why does a business need a CIO? What are the roles of a CIO in business? What are the qualifications of a CIO?