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The Future of Work – IBIT Fire Chat

A conversation about how the pandemic and changing technology has and will affect the way employees work and interact. Featuring George Llado, Senior Vice President & CIO, Alexion about the changes that have occurred with Zoom, Netflix, and more. Along with this, he discusses how business interactions and mentoring programs will change with Zoom and virtual conferences become the new way of life in work environments. Occurred via zoom on 9/8/2020 at 12:00pm.

I learned that while COVID-19 has changed many things, many executives don\\\’t believe that this is a radical change because some things cannot be done remotely such as mixing chemicals, manufacturing, etc. George has said that he encourages his employees to continue working from home as long as possible. I learned that while it may seem as though things are radically changing, that may not be the truth. While things are changing, George believes it is not radical at all.

This relates to my career goals because I always saw myself working in an office and staying productive. I feared that productivity would decrease overall and online activity would continue forever. This event made me realize that there is hope that we will return to the office eventually and I enjoyed listening to George\\\’s perspective on COVID-19, working from home, and the overall company culture that he has.

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