Alyona Rybakova

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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Summer 2019 Marketing Internship at PEI-Genesis:

What I did:

    • Analyzed Social Media Efforts, Email Campaigns, and Blog utilizing HubSpot’s built-in analytical tools that track digital marketing metrics (i.e. CTR, click, open and bounce rate)
    • Monitored Hotjar data through +1,000 video recordings, gave informative insights on web user behavior and developed recommendations on how to streamline UX/UI design on main website
    • Assisted in Price-Scraping from Octopart, in order to influence consumer-buying decisions and optimize revenue
    • Designed info-graphics and brochures which depicted data from HubSpot, Hotjar and Google Analytics, and properly communicated trends in the data set
    • Updated and redesigned all company-wide organizational charts by creating Smart Art template, then created a synchronized instructional video and guide for future update


My time spent with PEI-Genesis this past summer, has been exponentially valuable in all avenues. The amount of skills I gained in my 10 weeks here, are incomparable to any other job or internship I have had. I was guided by the Marketing team and by other departments on how to understand the complexities of the electrical/electronic  manufacturing world, making my transition as smooth as possible. I absorbed information about different types of connectors, the uses for those connectors and what market segments the company had. While a very intricate field to start in, I was excited by the applications connectors serve and how often we encounter them in our daily lives.

While this internship was in the Marketing realm, I applied many concepts learned from previous MIS classes to all of the project I was responsible for completing. One of the main projects I had to do was trying to understand as to why bounce rates on the website was so high. I was given access to Hotjar, a site that allows you to view recordings of how users interact with a site, and I watched 1000+ recordings and observe what was happening. I broke down the sample size by each week and drew conclusions from the trends I saw in the data. I then proceeded to think about different recommendations for the marketing team to follow through with before they carry out the Website redesign in the upcoming fiscal year. This was the most data driven project, that required my comprehensive analytical skills. Another project I worked on was identifying trends from Social media, email campaigns and the blog. I used a site called Hubspot, that aggregated all of the data from those mediums and created digital marketing metrics, such as bounce rate, click rate, click through rate, etc. I then analyzed the data, organized it and communicated the trends through charts and info-graphics. With both of these projects I linked my findings with the data shown on Google Analytics, in order to see if there were any obvious, surprising or suspicious correlations. Another big portion of my time was spent on redesigning and updating all company wide organizational charts that show the structure of each department throughout North America. To do this I redesigned the charts in SmartArt to make it user friendly for any changes or updates that ever need to be done. I also created an instructional video and synchronized instructional guide to eliminate any confusion on creating these charts.


Every one of these projects have helped me gain an immense amount of experience with the digital marketing, analytical and graphic design landscape. I am very grateful to have worked for a company like this, that not only valued my time there but also welcomed me to be apart of the PEI family. This internship has prepared me for the various MIS related projects I will be encountering this school year, in addition to my future career endeavors.Thank you PEI for a wonderful summer!

Organizational charts Updatd 07-17


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