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About me

Basic Information

Sophomore | Fox School of Business | Temple University

Majors: Accounting & MIS | Minor: Finance

Campus Representative, Roger CPA Review

Fox School of Business & Management Representative, Temple Student Government



About me

Thanks for looking at my e-portfolio! I am originally from Kerala, India and I completed my education till the completion of 11th grade in India. I immigrated to the US (Philadelphia) in  April 2016; joined as a high school senior in Carver High School of Engineering and Science and graduated in 2017. Came in to temple as just an accounting major in the Fall of 2017.

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I chose Accounting as a major because I had this passion to pursue this major since 2014. I have taken business, economics and accounting classes during my high school in India and I have been aiming at becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) ever since. I am also an MIS major, which I declared very very recently, due to my interest in technology, software, process assurance, IT auditing.. etc. Finance is also added because of my interest to learn more about investing. I hope to get the 150 credits required to get the CPA license within my four years of college education.

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