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I am very interested in Accounting since my high school time. During 11th grade, I could learn that accounting is the language of business and I enjoyed recording transactions in statements like the journal, ledger, trial balance, profit/loss account, and the balance sheet. Learning more about bank reconciliation as well as depreciation through the accounting class literally inspired me to pursue a major in accounting and to dream to become a Certified Public Accountant.  Within accounting, I am very interested in risk advisory, IT auditing as well as assurance. Though I added MIS as one of my majors only very recently, I have been thinking about it since my freshman year. I would love to learn more in the major and to learn how Accounting and MIS skills can be combined to become productive and provide services. I am also thinking about doing an MS in IT Auditing & Cyber Security (ITACS).

I am also a ‘Math-Lover‘. Though I never thought about pursuing a degree in Mathematics, I always try to learn and research on this subject. Whenever I get time, I explore Mathematics videos and research papers to get knowledge. Not just math, but Statistics is also something that interests me and I enjoy doing analytics. I hope MIS major touches data analytics pretty well.

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Other than studies, I am a speedcuber, athlete, singer, meme maker as well as a video editor. This means that I can solve Rubik’s cube within a minute and I am trying to improve it. I used to go for athletic meets for running races up to 1500 meters and do long jump till 11th grade. I was there in the school choir for 5 years when I was in India. I took a video editing class in 12th grade and it helps me to improve my editing skills. I am also very active in social media specifically in meme making.

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