Ashlin Bungalow Puthenveedu Cheriyan

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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Temple Student Government

I am a part of Temple Student Government since Fall of 2018 as the representative in the government for the Fox School of Business and Management.

FOX Dean’s Student Advisory Council – Student Engagement Committee 

This is the body that is a liaison between the Dean of the Fox School and the students. They always try to implement new programs or improve existing programs for the wellness of the students. I became a member of this body since Fall 2018 and I will soon be in a committee.

FOX SPOs and other organizations

Student Center for Public Trust – Director of Communications

Image result for student center for public trust Through the NASBA’s Center for Public Trust and support, the Student Chapter has been set up in Temple University – Fox School of Business too. It is open to all majors and I was chosen as the Director of Communications during the starting semester of this organization itself which is Fall 2018.

Association of Information Systems – Member

Image result for ais templeAIS is the student organization for MIS majors. I became a member of AIS in Fall of 2018 and I am trying to be an active member as I declared my MIS major also during the Fall of 2018.

Fox Accounting Association -Director of Fundraising

Secretary Committee Member & Distinguished Member

Image result for fox accounting association templeIt is a very active SPO with 200 active members every semester for accounting in the Fox School. I am an active member of FAA since Fall 2017 and I was a distinguished member of FAA for the Spring of 2018 which means I was one of the top 5 members who had the most points. Now I am the Director of Fundraising.

Ascend – Active member

Image result for ascend temple It is an international SPO for accounting primarily and it’s Temple Chapter is functioning very efficiently. I am an active member of Ascend since Fall 2017  and it is a pan Asian student organization for Accounting, Finance, and MIS majors or even combined.


TU Business English Lingua Franca

Image result for tu BELFTU BELF is an organization that helps international students, non-native English speakers and other students with difficulties in public speaking to improve their skills in the English Language especially to excel in the business world as well as communication. I am its member since Fall 2018.



Professional Achievements

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