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Business Communications BA 2196

Business Communications is an inevitable and very important course for any business majors. The class deals with business writing, communication, public speaking, and business research. etc. The class is very competitive and typically busy with assignments.

Data Science MIS 0855

It is truly a science about Data. It helps to work with Tableau, Excel, and Piktochart. Helps with infographics skills and data analytics.

Digital World – ECE 0832

Electronics and Computer Engineering Gen Ed for non-science majors. I could learn about how chips work, the binary and hexadecimal conversion, images, visuals etc. I also learned more about ATM on which we (my team and myself) did our final project.

Intro to Info. Systems- MIS 2101

Got introduced to ERP systems. Learned how to prepare the swim-lane diagram, decision trees, Entity Relationship Diagrams etc.

Intro to Risk Management RMI 2101

This class is the very basic class about risk management and makes the students familiar with many aspects like insurance, its principles, different kinds of insurance, cost calculation, application of insurance. etc

Legal Environment of Business LGLS 1101

It is a basic class that covers a business law and it’s applications. It is not just teaching law, but this class also provides us the opportunity to participate in a mock trial, information sessions, mock court cases etc.

Marketing Management MKTG 2101

Even though it was an online class, it was very interactive. Doing case studies every week and having discussions about the case studies. At the end of the course, we have to submit a  marketing plan project that comprises an executive summary, Environmental Analysis, SWOT analysis, Marketing Objectives, Marketing Strategies, Marketing Implementation, and a conclusion. This project starts on the day, the class starts and the entire semester is there to work on this.





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