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Store Integration for Merzbachers

Store Integration for Merzbachers

Advisor: Amy Lavin

Other Team Members: Sean Boyer

Scope: When my team met with our client, Pete, he was in the middle of rebranding the company to Merzbacher’s. Pete needed an e-commerce store on Squarespace to match the current site and for users to be able to schedule curbside pickup and delivery for the immediate area.

Results:  By the two-week deadline, we were able to fulfill Pete’s request and implement a fully functional e-commerce store to their current website with the ability to select curbside pickup or zip-code specific delivery.

Project URL:

Reflection: Before this project, I had never used Squarespace before; therefore, it was great to gain exposure to the platform and to see how it differs compared to other website builders. After working on the store integration for Merzbacher’s, I started working with a new client who was focused on creating a seamless user experience. Taking costs and the client’s needs into consideration, I felt that Squarespace would be the perfect solution. We only have a few weeks to work with the client; therefore, I feel that Squarespace is a great platform that is user-friendly with its pre-built website templates and drag-and-drop elements. This makes it simple for the client to modify webpages after we hand over the final solution.

Ultimately, not only have I been able to develop relationships with clients, but also improve and refine my UX design skills. During these challenging times, I am happy to lend a helping hand in any way that I can, and I am grateful to be a part of this initiative!



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