Joshua Kim

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


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Core Competencies


My first core competency is development-oriented. This core competency aligns closely with my third value, Growth. I am constantly looking to improve and develop myself, whether it be in a professional setting or a personal setting. In a professional setting, I monitor my performance and results on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I evaluate my level of productivity and motivation consistently because I believe that these two components are crucial to my ability to produce good results. Furthermore, I also seek to get feedback from my co-workers or the higher-up authorities, so I can see from their perspective things that could potentially be improved. In a personal setting, through journaling, I actively focus on shadow work and self-reflection to become more self-aware. I also read various self-improvement books or blogs to further my knowledge in different areas of my life. The ways in which I seek to grow and develop are many, and if you are interested in learning more, feel free to email me or message me on LinkedIn!


My second core competency is systematically organized. This core competency aligns closely with my fifth value, Order. I seek to maintain order in every part of my life because I strongly believe that staying organized is crucial to being effective as a person. In a professional atmosphere, I maintain a calendar via Google Calendar, keep track of tasks and projects via 2do, and employ various batching routines to complete daily, weekly, and monthly tasks efficiently. These habits also translate into my personal life as well, where I maintain a separate calendar, various lists, and numerous batching routines. Aside from these systems, I keep my workplace and my personal area extremely tidy and clean, for I believe that where there is physical clutter, mental clutter is soon to follow. I highly recommend this book for developing your own systems and this book for learning the art of tidying.


My third core competency is interpersonally-aware. This core competency aligns closely with my second value, Intimacy. I’ve become more interpersonally aware than most people my age due to the exposure I’ve had to other people and experiences. In the years leading up to middle school, I was constantly adapted to meeting new people and making new friends due to my father’s vocation as a pastor. I never stayed in the same place for more than two to three years, so I always made sure to engage with others whenever I moved to a new place. In high school, I developed a lot of close relationships through camp and spent a lot of time talking with people in both one-on-one and group settings. Looking back, I’m grateful for the experiences I had growing up as they played a crucial role in my ability to not only make friends in college but to also make professional connections as well.

Analytical Mindset.

My fourth core competency is an analytical mindset. This is the only core competency that doesn’t align specifically with any of my values. That being said, I still consider this one of my core competencies due to its practical effectiveness in a professional environment. I would describe my approach to assessing and solving complex problems as logical. When confronted with a problem, my natural instinct is to break it down into many parts through writing or verbal brainstorming. In my personal experience, this has been the most effective method for understanding the problem at hand and engineering a solution to fix it. This applies not only to problems I encounter at work but also to personal problems and struggles as well! I hope to not only continue to develop my analytical mindset but to also focus on employing a more creative approach to problem-solving as well.

Empowering Others.

My fifth core competency is empowering others. This core competency also aligned closely with my third value, Growth. My passion, which I now consider a core competency is empowering and encouraging others in their own development. The beautiful thing about this competency is that it’s a mix of both being development-oriented and being interpersonally-aware. I combine the knowledge I’ve gained from learning how to personally develop and the experience I have with talking and interacting with people to help others grow and further utilize neglected skills and competencies. As I continue to engage with others, I hope to one day turn this passion into a future full or part-time career.

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