Joshua Kim

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


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MIS 0855: Data Science

This course is designed to teach students how to visualize and present data effectively. I learned how to use the data visualization software, Tableau, to present data in a more impactful and persuasive way. This course applies to my future aspirations because as a consultant, it’s all about visualizing solutions. Without good visualizing, a solution is often incredibly difficult to understand for one’s audience. If a consultant understands how to solve a problem, but cannot communicate his or her idea, then coming up with a solution is essentially useless. Therefore, knowing how to use a software like Tableau will be a valuable asset when I present solutions to my clients in the future.

MIS 2101: Information Systems in Organizations

This course is designed to teach students the core concepts that makeup Management Information Systems. This class not only taught me how to use diagrams such as swimlane diagrams and ERDs but also taught me about complex systems such as CRM, SCM and ERPs as well. This course applies to my future aspirations because as a consultant in the technology field, one must be knowledgeable in how a business runs and functions to map out effective solutions. When it comes to being more knowledgeable, a class like MIS 2101 teaches students many of the foundational principles that are necessary to understand the role that technology plays in business. In addition, knowing how to use swimlane diagrams, along with ERDs, is crucial for mapping out successful solutions to the many problems that plague businesses today.

BA 2996: Honors Business Communications

This course is designed to teach students effective business communication skills. I learned how to think critically when approaching business problems, how to communicate effectively (both orally and in writing), and how the responsibilities of individuals and organizations play out ethically, legally, and socially. This course applies to my future aspirations as a consultant in the technology field because one of the major keys to being an effective consultant is to know how to communicate your ideas. Because of this course, I am now confident in both my oral skills (presentations, talking with others, business etiquette, etc.) and written skills (cover letters, reports, emails, etc.). 

BA 2101: Professional Development Strategies

This course is designed to teach students how to develop important career competencies and help students learn and apply strategies to ensure a successful transition into the working life after college. I learned how to accelerate my personal development, become more aware of my career and industry, and communicate in writing, visually, and non-verbally. This course applies to my future aspirations as a consultant in the technology field because I learned how to market myself as an individual and pursue excellence at my job. Although this was only a one-credit course, I strongly believe this was one of the most important courses I have taken so far in college. This course helped me develop my development-oriented mindset, and inspired me to apply my value for growth into my professional life. I am excited to continue to apply what I’ve learned for my next three years of college and my transition into the working life.

Professional Achievements

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