Joshua Kim

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


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My first value is Spirituality (Faith). I grew up in a Christian household and my father was a pastor as well, so my faith was an important part of my adolescent years. Fast forward to college, my faith is now the cornerstone of my life; reflected in my lifestyle and commitments. I strive to center my life around the gospel, a topic which will be further discussed in my vision.


My second value is Intimacy (Relationships). My relationships with others have been crucial to my growth and well-being; especially the relationships I have within my church community. Now that I’m in college, relationships are more important than ever, both professionally and personally. I strive to pour love into others sacrificially and to speak truth into others in love.


My third value is Growth. I am constantly growing and learning new things, whether it be through reading books, listening to podcasts, or doing online research. If I am not growing in one way or another, my drive for excellence and success stagnates as well. I strive to continuously be growing and learning, fueled by my desire to pursue God’s glory above all things.


My fourth value is Health. I take great care to make sure that I am staying healthy and fit through physical activity and a well-balanced diet. My physical activity is not limited to any one form of exercise. Instead, I try to incorporate a mix of activities including but not limited to basketball, sprinting, and powerlifting. In terms of my diet, I am a strong advocate of eating everything in moderation. I do not limit myself to any specific diet but I do take part in Intermittent Fasting. I strive to maintain a lean, yet functional aesthetic.


My fifth and final value is Order. Without order, there is physical and mental clutter; both of them being things that inhibit my thinking and actions. I strive to maintain three-dimensional order, meaning that I try to maintain order in all areas of my life.

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